1. MyouMoorlord

    Everyone's Birthday is held At the Community Center!

    With it being a small town, and to have the community center in more use, I think it would be cool if all Birthdays take place there. It feels like a let down when you do all this work to rebuild/ fix it up. And almost no one use it. At the end of the party have a little cut scene of everyone...
  2. Solved Elliott 14 heart event not triggering

    its nowhere near a festival. what am I doing wrong? please no spoilers
  3. Android [BUG] Cutscenes Frozen - Android Mobile

    Whenever there is an event cutscene (currently all the 2 heart ones have done this) or initial sewer cutscene, the scene doesn't play. It just loops the initial position but my character never walks in or the scene never advances or "starts". Just did this with Shane and Linus 2 heart scenes
  4. Question I want to know what is the summit event id (the finale id)

    I was stuck searching for the id of the event inside one of the saves but I got overwhelmed with the huge amount of numbers if somebody already found it could you write it down for me. Or If you know how to find it could you help me with it. That would be appreciate it.
  5. tomaO2

    Event for joining the Adventures Guild

    I'm watching a playthrough, and the player is asking how to join the guild. You are supposed to kill slimes and then go to the guild, but there is no event to show you joining. This led to a few minutes of confusion, until the chat told him that he was already joined. The situation could be...
  6. PC [BUG] Shane event glitch

    Okay, so the event with shane, where he apparentaly is supposed to be concidering jumping off a cliff is triggered for me, but what the cutscene is bugged. It starts whenever i enter to the forest area, and my character starts walking towards shane, but when he gets there, i get a quick black...
  7. HopefulDove

    PC (1.5 spoilers) Cannot Interact the new NPC in Winter Star Feast

    Warning: 1.5 spoilers So the new NPC, Leo, is my secret Santa. The problem is, I cannot find him in the event whatsoever. I cannot even access the ship to Ginger's Island because the route is blocked. Not to mention that Willy's store closes at the afternoon, but the event stops at night. This...
  8. PC [Bugs] Errors with broadcasted events

    Found 2 bugs associated with broadcasted events: 1) If one of the players has a letter menu open while another player starts a broadcasted event, the mail letter is not properly closed. So if the letter contained an item or a quest, the player does not get any of those. When the event is...
  9. Solved Unable to attend Events

    Smapi log: https://smapi.io/log/fad4afafeea8467c91dfe9b0bf7658a5 When I enter the area of an event I am transported back to my farm, at the event "end time," and this text appears in the chat box on my screen as well as in Smapi [game] Event script error: Exception has been thrown by the...
  10. [Spoilers] Strange Capsule

    Hello!! Im very interested in the strange capsule game event as I recently had it occur on my farm for the first time, and very little information is available on it in the wiki/on reddit. I had the strange capsule appear on my farm in late summer year 2, and after waiting 3 days (like it says...
  11. PC Possible Fix - Multiplayer Players Can't Use Community Bundles or Talk to Wizard

    Hi all - made an account just to post this possible fix Problem: I'm the host of a multiplayer server with my boyfriend and friend. I did the community center events without them logged on and now they're locked out of opening the bundles and even getting the Wizard event. Solution for us...
  12. PC [1.5.1] Split-screen glitch on multiple events

    Hello, I got the first event of the community center with Lewis while my girlfriend was entering the mine for the first time (adventurers event) Both launched normally and I didn't touched my controller so we could see both, after finishing the mine event she got teleported to the community...
  13. PC [BUG] No events occur in the mountains and display error message(Japanese language)

    On the 2nd of winter, when I went to the mountain, I got an error message. (Event script error:入力文字列の形式が正しくありません。がエラーになりました On line #0:spring_day_ambientがエラーになりました) An error was displayed both when going from the left and when going from the bottom. I was getting off my horse automatically, so...
  14. GaelicXolotl

    Kent and Harvey heart event

    Kent clearly has some untreated PTSD , if you get max hearts with Kent and Harvey you will be able to go to Harvey and for the right amount of money to cover the costs for Kent's therapy, over the next months (mabe a year, idk) you may see progress in Kent's mental health.
  15. plagueborn667

    Disable farm events option

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm a bit ocd with my crops, and I HATE it when the fairy shows up. I'd really like to be able to individually enable/disable all the nighttime farm events that could happen.
  16. Android [BUG] Mayor shorts/Wrong Person

    Greetings, like in tittle. I have problem with return mayor shorts after using them as Lau(Lua or how its called) soup ingredient event on beach. Ive tried talk to him with have shorts in inventory and tried give them as "present" or anything else. All the time getting popup "wrong person"...
  17. redbobcat

    iOS [BUG] Caroline sunroom event off center (and few more)

    *FIXED* A small bug. 2 hearts Caroline cutscene in a sunroom is off center - shifted to the bottom right to be precise. Although steam and sparkles from a teacup and a tiny cup are centered. You can see it on the attached screenshot. iPad Pro iPadOS 13.5.1 Game Ver
  18. Andre

    Cooking competition!

    Hello members of the board! My suggestion: a cooking competition event! Could be once every season. I mean, the pieces are almost all there already. So the specifics: 1) For each event, 3 judges are chosen randomly among the village characters. Each of them have their own tastes, preferences...