PC Possible Fix - Multiplayer Players Can't Use Community Bundles or Talk to Wizard


Hi all - made an account just to post this possible fix

Problem: I'm the host of a multiplayer server with my boyfriend and friend. I did the community center events without them logged on and now they're locked out of opening the bundles and even getting the Wizard event.

Solution for us: This was really simple and didn't break anything. You want to find your SaveGameInfo file - for me it was at C:\Users\[my username]\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves\[Farm Name Folder]

There are two files: SaveGameInfo and SaveGameInfo_old. Open them both with Notepad.

Hit Ctrl+F to search for "eventsSeen"

The info is pretty densely packed but you'll see a string that looks something like this:

Delete everything between <eventsSeen> and </eventsSeen>.

Save and exit out.

For whatever reason, doing this allowed my other players to view the weird Junimo code on the foraging bundle box, as well as trigger the letter from the Wizard the next day. We tested this a couple times.

Best thing, the code that you delete perfectly repopulates itself the next day, probably from one of the other files. Someone who knows more about code and the game could probably explain this more because I have no clue how it works.

Sometimes the <eventsSeen> code isn't present in that file. Literally no clue why. Load the save file and exit out, maybe that fixes it.

I'm not a coder and will probably not be able to help you if it doesn't work, but if it fixes or doesn't fix your problem leave a note anyway for other players.

Also, this didn't break anything for me but to be safe you should make a duplicate of your save file (Farm Name Folder) before trying this.

Happy Farming