1. wro

    Mac [BUG] Mines stuck on hard mode

    I started a new game and since the mines were opened, they are in hard mode. Every time I go there. How can I switch it to "normal" mines?* *I know how it worked with shrine activated, I used to do this on a different save, but here I'm on spring year 1. I read that this bug was fixed in...
  2. SaraahBear

    [HELP] game tossed me in a dark area

    So, I was playing on co-op in stardew on Xbox, and I was on the ginger islands, I went into the house since it was close to 2 am, and ended up passing out. When I woke up, I was in a dark area, and couldn’t go anywhere or see anything. See video in Reddit post
  3. SquirrelTail15

    Windows [BUG] UI Zoomed Out?

    Since the last update (1.5.6) my game and the game's UI is eternally zoomed out. This isn't my settings - it's also true for the opening menu and stuff, and zooming in to 200% in-game only makes it slightly larger and more fuzzy. It's not completely unplayable but nothing I do makes it go away...
  4. PS4 [BUG] Getting stuck in cellar - Forced to pass out

    Hi, playing on PS4, local co-op with 4 players. My house has been fully upgraded for a few seasons so far, and now (winter, Y4) every time I walk into my cellar it glitches my character. I don't see them in the cellar, but I can't walk around anywhere, I can't leave the cellar. I can hear any...
  5. Mac [Bug] Junimo Chest Inventory not available when using adjacent Workbench

    Operating System: macOS 12.1 (Monterey) Version: 1.5.6 Hotfix #3 Single Player Game I just purchased my first Junimo Chest, placed it down in the spot immediate adjacent (west) of my workbench on Ginger Island, and placed some of my items inside (a few different metal bars). When I go to use...
  6. RobotDogPet

    Windows [HELP] Will Not Load

    I have installed Stardew Valley on 2 computers. The First one installed perfectly. I have installed it many times on my main pc and it takes around 5 minutes to load into the game. I finally got to the home screen and when I load my save that also takes forever to load. Any info would be greatly...
  7. Switch [HELP] Co-op lag extremely bad.

    From fighting monster, to running around. It's pretty much doing anything seems to be getting worse as the game progresses, is there tip on how to stop it. Been reading didn't see anything if there was a fix or just have to wait?
  8. iOS [BUG] Greenhouse Glitch

    My green house has stopped growing stuff. It’s like it is stuck. Each day I wake up it looks exactly the same. Everything’s still watered, I can’t plant anymore seeds, I can’t till the ground. I have no idea what to do, it is getting infuriating. And I complete my journal entries and then...
  9. Windows [HELP] Can't type in chat unless in Compatibility Mode

    I do not know why this is happening, can anyone help me or tell me why? It only happened after I installed a certain update (I forgot which one, might have been newest one or one before). I want to use the regular mode, but compatibility is the only thing working.
  10. Xbox [BUG] Elevator and Singing Stone

    I went from the Switch version to the Xbox and I really thought I was going crazy but I just started exploring the mines and I got the singing stone and there is no sound. I hear this very very low grade humming but that’s it. This is the only problem I’ve had so far and I really wish it would...
  11. Windows Ornate Necklace Bug

    I completed the Secret Note #25 dealing with the Ornate Necklace. After speaking with Abigail, I noticed the necklace wasn't removed from my inventory and there is no way of getting rid of it. Dropping it, trash can, speaking to Abigail or Caroline. Doesn't work. Am I stuck with this permanent...
  12. Switch [BUG] Golden walnuts counter is broken

    I collected all 130 walnuts, but it's stuck in 129. It was stuck at 127, I put the /recountnuts command and it worked, but the next day it went back down to 129, and no matter what I do it stays there
  13. Windows [HELP] Game Zoomed Out Too Much

    Hi! I'm playing Stardew Valley for the first time and I'm loving it! Currently in Summer of Year 1. Running into some trouble though. I faced the same issue found in this section of the forum and followed the instructions. My game is zoomed out too much. For some reason, it's not working for me...
  14. Windows Missing Rarecrow #7

    In my world, I'm currently missing rare crow #7 I have donated well over 60 items to the museum and even collected rare crow #8 for the 40 items donated achievement Within my achievements theirs no achievement for 20 donated items as it was before I also checked the night market incase I just...
  15. Issue George stuck in the void

    Hello co idk how but i have George stuck in the black void and in my house. don´t know why. I just woke up and he was there. Idk if some mod did that but i need help
  16. Android [BUG] Planting trees in the cave

    Apparently it's possible to plant a seed on the farm cave entrance, but it's impossible to remove it later on, because either character just walks into the cave or using tools on that spot does absolutely nothing. Cheers! Larthienn
  17. Windows [HELP] Mutiplayer hosting constant DC's.

    Hello everyone I have been playing Stardew recently with my gf and every time we play online and I host then she Dc's every single day almost:(. Started happening recentlyish. The DC happens at random moments in the days. We looked at several people with similar issues the fixes didn't really...
  18. Love Essential

    Windows [BUG] Fence disappearing after breaking it

    I went to take the gates off of my fences but accidently broke my fence and the gate completely disappeared (i have a iridium band so its not out of range) (Game Pass Version)
  19. SpyGuyIan

    Windows Unable to move museum pieces under inventory

    I can't figure out how to move the minerals in the below images as they get covered by my inventory every time I try and rearrange them. Is this a bug or is there some other way? Also, anything placed under the "OK" button gets picked up instead of the button being pressed, how do I put stuff...
  20. Windows [HELP] Game doesn't load

    Message: The content file was not found. InnerException: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Content\Data\CraftingRecipes.xnb ---> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data\CraftingRecipes.xnb'...