1. iOS [BUG] Multiple Xbox Controllers Issue

    I recently tried playing Stardew Valley with an Xbox One controller connected via Bluetooth, and it worked fine and quite smoothly. However, when I tried to play local co-op with friends and connected more than one Xbox One controller (all through Bluetooth), the controllers all started having...
  2. PC [BUG] "Enter Invite Code" Button Missing

    I am a Mac useer and my "enter invite code" button is missing!
  3. Gotica Culona

    PC [BUG] Online not working on MacBook?

    I have problems with my stardew valley from today, since it is not working on my macbook and I wanted to know if someone else happened to it, send an email to support just in case, I really want to play with my friends again ;;
  4. PC [HELP] MacOS - Multiplayer Can't Join Farm

    Hello, I recently saw many threads about MacOS or XBOX can't join the game/farm since Tuesday 8 June 2021. My girlfriend is playing Stardew Valley with Macbook via Steam. What we're facing: My farm is not available for her to join. The "Enter Invite Code" button is missing. Tried joining via...
  5. BooJoy

    PC [MAC] [BUG] Multiplayer not working on MAC after updating steam client update, June 7

    After Updating Steam Client Update, June 7 Unable to join/invite fellow friends.. tried all the fixes.. Invite code button also not showing up.. NOTE: Please Add Prefix[platform] section for MAC too ... THANKS 🙂
  6. leonthemanager

    PC [HELP] Game keeps crashing :( -i'm on mac

    Hello all , thank you in advance to anyone who will answer, I'm not the best with computers, trying my best!! Computer : MacBook Pro (end of 2013), macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6 16Go 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory, 2?8GHz Intel Core i7 Processor My issue here is this: I played SDV earlier today for...
  7. PC [BUG] Right click/x action oftentimes does not work, changing the key binding does not help either

    I just bought Stardew Valley to play with my partner who is a longtime fan. Within my first few minutes of playing my right click/x action has been acting up, and it has made playing a single in-game day impossible. When I start the game my right click/x action is fine but usually later in the...
  8. PC [HELP] M1 Mac - Game Crashing In The Mine

    I am having freezing problem while playing Stardew Valley on my M1 MacBook Pro 13’’(MacOS Big Sur V11.1). It is happening when changing floors or just walking in the mine. Spinning rainbow wheel comes out and the screen stays frozen for a long time. I have to force quit and restart the game to...