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  1. Niffry

    Solved [HELP] Game won't launch on pc (via steam)

    I found another thread of a user having similar problems to me (https://forums.stardewvalley.net/threads/help-game-will-not-start.3413/#post-52966), but none of the advice given in it really helped me. Wrote down what I could find while doing some of the suggested troubleshooting: Delete the...
  2. Issue Game Won't Launch After Downloading Mods

    Hi! I am very new to Stardew Valley on Mac, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I watched some tutorials on how to download mods, and I downloaded probably too many, and now my game will not launch. It will just open up the SMAPI Terminal, load up the log, then nothing. I have pasted my...
  3. SaberChappy

    PC [HELP] Game Won't Launch (steam)

    Hadn't touched the game in a year.. I come back and it won't launch Iv'e tried everything from Verifying game files to uninstalling, reinstalling and Removed all mods from the game's folders. I just don't know what to do can anyone help please ?
  4. PC [HELP] Game will not launch

    This is a problem I have seen a lot of people have but still no answers. So I've been having a long running issue of my game not running. I have gone through all the basic troubleshoots, including because I will be asked... Restart your computer. Make sure you have speakers or headphones...
  5. J-Dog

    PC [HELP] Game wont launch :(

    I haven't even been able to play the update yet due to some issue with my game. I had it downloaded from Steam and everything worked GREAT. However, I deleted the desktop shortcut to free up enough storage from another game and nothing was the same after that. If this truly is hopeless then ill...
  6. PC [Help] Game Won't Launch on Steam

    Hello! Been trying to go through the various steps on both steam and here to correct the game not launching issue. So far I have: -Ensured that an active audio device is enabled -Verified Game File Integrity on Steam -Uninstalled and Re-installed Stardew Valley -Updated Graphics card to latest...
  7. PC [HELP] My game won't launch after opening in steam

    I have it all updated and tried all the fixes suggested when I googled it. Is anyone else having this issue? I've deleted and reinstalled twice now.
  8. PC [HELP] Game not launching on Mac

    Hello! I've been at this for hours trying to solve this problem with no luck, despite it looking like a pretty common problem. When I try to launch the game, it takes a few seconds to say it is launching and then fails. I've had the game for years, and it was working fine last week. I've...
  9. PC [HELP] Cannot launch the game

    Hello, I just recently bought a new Windows 10 PC and downloaded the game on it. Other games on my Steam can launch except Stardew Valley. I already tried the troubleshoots posted in here yet it didn't work. Things I tried: Delete the startup_preferences file in %AppData%/StardewValley (I do...
  10. PC [HELP] Game Won't Launch

    I have been trying to get my game to launch since 1.5 released but it absolutely refuses to launch no matter what I do. I've even done everything on ConcernedApe's checklist and nothing is working. Below are the errors I've gotten from both the vanilla game and SMAPI.
  11. Solved Can't Load Game

    I decided to boot up Stardew to see the 1.5 content, but I can't load. From Steam, I push play, and it says 'running' for a few seconds before it stops. I've rebooted, reinstalled, tried a proletariat copy and nothing works. I run without mods, so it can't be that.
  12. PC [HELP] Game won't Open!

    I'm concerned I might have messed something up in my files for the game. I have deleted all my mods, including uninstalling SMAPI and removing it from my launch options. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I've deleted the startup_preferences. I've ran the xnafx40_redist installer and...