1. Cyra

    Android Combat on mobile

    Hi, I want to make some suggestions to combat on mobile. The controls make it harder than on PC or consoles. I think auto fight should always work not onky when you hold a tool. It is sometimes not working even when I hold a tool so you can die fast. For the joystick control settings you could...
  2. KeySmasher

    Move Pam's waiting position to the right of the bus door

    When you get your ticket for the bus, you often run right into where Pam is standing and have to wait for the attempt threshold to lapse before the character can run through Pam to get in the bus. Simply change Pam's waiting position to the other side of the door so she isn't standing between...
  3. Just a few fun extra features

    Hello! Let me start by saying I LOVE this game. I’m on day 21, year 4 and married with two kids in the game! There’s just a couple things that I believe would make things even better, and I hope my ideas are considered! 1. Special dialogue with family/friend NPCs So I am married to Sam in the...
  4. Let us adjust the outline of hair / better hair

    this has probably been suggested before but it is still annoying: i can't make blound hair look good. it just looks either muddy or gross yellow. Pam has nicer hair than me. that makes me sad thank you for reading.
  5. pens

    Many many ideas:

    1- Npc dialogue rotation for events and festivals, so each time the event comes around, there's new dialogue. 2 - character schedules will now be unique each day of each season, with a 5 year rotation for each characters schedules. Note that a character's schedule will change based on heart...
  6. thatotterthing

    Suggestions for creatures and fur patterns?

    I've been working on a little animal mod for fun and at the moment I have the rabbits, pigs and horse done! I'm also going to be making an "different creature" mod (mainly so I can add ferrets and other fun animals) and I wanted to know if there were any kind of creatures people would like to...
  7. licherlay

    Negative Hearts

    It would be cool if npc's got negative hearts and there are cutscenes that come with them, idk just a thought
  8. HomeintheValley12

    Krobus and a spouse

    Hi all, I have been wondering for some time why one cannot have Krobus and a spouse at the same time, and I really feel like this would be a great addition to the game. I've always felt like the game as is treats Krobus a little oddly - it seems to claim you're not marrying him if he moves in...
  9. Constructive Criticism- Mostly PC Controls

    I have been playing Stardew Valley 1.5.4 on PC(offline), and mostly enjoying it. Only mostly is a shame. The game is excellent... except in the actual playing of it! The controls are killing me. And a few other things. So here is my constructive criticism...
  10. A list of suggestions

    First suggestion: In Stardew Valley, long time ago, there was a war between dwarfs and krobus. Curiosity is knocking at the door while wonder about this event: if only existed a craftable time machine for traveling to that far and wonderful age... Second suggestion: In the library, players can...
  11. Abura

    Painting your house white (and other suggestions).

    Suggestion 1: I noticed this was basically an impossibility when I kept shifting the color dials around but it would be great if we were able to paint buildings a standard white color. The closest possible color on the Nintendo Switch is a really drab gray color that makes your house look...
  12. I want to give my horse an apple, or: why Fruit Trees should get some much-needed tweaks.

    Who hasn't heard of feeding a horse a big, healthy apple? I grew up on a farm. We had many fruit trees there; dozens of apples, a pair of pears, a couple apricots, several cherries, even a few peach trees! It was always wonderful watching them grow, and harvesting them to eat or sell. And...
  13. simple suggestion - hardwood -> coal

    I have over 100+ hours on stardew valley and every new save that I make I am always lacking coal. I think a very simple, cool, and realistic addition would be to make it possible to put hardwood into the charcoal kiln. As an example you could put lets say: 5 hardwood into the charcoal kiln and...
  14. AtomsJosh

    Add a Book!

    I have a few reasons why i want a book in the game, the most important is some players forgot what they wanted to do like me, so if players have a book and they can write on it it'll be soooo useful! They can write their own story make a notes or list to do! And some NPC have Secret notes, so...
  15. Flower dance minigame

    My suggestion is for the duration of the flower dance (Where you have the dance cut scene). There would be a minigame for your dance moves and if you would do them correctly it would give you + points to the partner with who you're dancing. (Maybe like DDR)
  16. skyreader13

    Suggestions for mobile version

    Disclaimer: I only played the mobile version, so I might have mistakes in this post. I am currently playing mobile version since few days ago and I noticed a lot of things that could be improved. Stamina and health bar position. It would be great to be able to change their position around the...
  17. Cross play

    I think the next thing the Dev needs to add is cross play so I(with my Xbox) can play with my boyfriend (who plays with Steam on his computer)