Constructive Criticism- Mostly PC Controls


I have been playing Stardew Valley 1.5.4 on PC(offline), and mostly enjoying it. Only mostly is a shame. The game is excellent... except in the actual playing of it!
The controls are killing me. And a few other things. So here is my constructive criticism.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Gameplay Suggestions----------------------------------------------------------------------

Weapon Gripes-
Swinging in 4 directions is restrictive. Prohibitively so with daggers. 8 directions would be nicer. Continuous 360 would be nicest.

Sword blocks do very little damage and don't knockback much. Full sword damage and briefly freezing knocked-back enemies could make it functional.
Even better if blocks negate (or reduce) ANY damage (eg. bombs).

Hammer ground pound AOE could be outlined with a shockwave or dust cloud.

Cursor Targeting (PC)-
Clicking a tile within the farmer's reach targets that tile. Clicking a tile outside the farmer's reach ignores the cursor and targets the square the farmer is facing.
I feel it would be more intuitive if clicking outside the farmer's reach targeted nearest tile in the direction of the cursor. Would certainly help with combat.

Continuous Interaction-
Facing horizontally and holding interact continuously targets adjacent squares above and below the player. I assume this is intentional.
*IMO should work facing vertically as well.
*The gathering/depositing frequently pauses and/or passes over squares. This is frustrating.

Aim Assist-
It would be helpful if interact/use tool preferentially targeted valid tiles/objects.
Possibly an autofill/autotile function to quickly seed or floor an area.

"Use tool" should be "use held item".
"Use" should: | "Interact" should not:
*Place furniture
*Eat food
*Light bomb
[This suggestion prompted by an accidental bomb detonation.]

Item Destruction-
Pretty please might bombs and villagers drop placed items they break instead of destroying them outright?
[This request also prompted by an accidental bomb detonation.]


Tackle Profitability-
Fishing tackle prices are too high and they don't adjust with profitability levels. Significant oversight at 25% profitability.

Vendor UI-
An option to reverse transactions would be nice.

Time is frozen during minigames. Odds favor player. Chips exchange for sellable items. Therefore Casino is unlimited easy money. That's a gamebreaker.
Possible fixes:
*Store inventory is limited & restocks.
*Games accept gold & pay out chips.
*Ban player from tables/machines after profits exceed a threshold.
*Make odds favor house.
*Time not paused.