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  1. PC Looking for farmers :)

    I’m on pc pretty new to stardew looking to start a vanilla farm with some people
  2. MaiaSim

    Windows [BUG] Heart events bugs Sam/Harvey

    During Harvey's aerobics cut scene the music cuts out for the last part of the exercise routine. I have seen this on two different scenes. During Sam's snack cut scene, instead of a smashed egg on the floor, there is a piece of hay.
  3. Solved [BUG] Egg Festival Visual Bug

    Hi! I made this account just now to post this, so let me know if I'm breaking etiquette here; but I've noticed a strange bug. When walking around the town during the Egg Festival the Special Orders board outside they Mayor's Manor is visually bugged. It only occurred during the festival and has...
  4. HomeintheValley12

    PC [HELP] Frequent Stuttering

    Hello everyone, As the title says I've been having issues with frequent stuttering in the PC version. I've read all the posts I can find online on the subject yet I cannot find a way to fix the issue. I've tried disabling Vsync, playing in Windowed mode as well as playing with and without mods...
  5. Misadventure

    PC [BUG] Game crash every time bluetooth earbuds/headset disconnects

    I thought it was just a coincidence, but the game freezes every single time my Bluetooth earbuds disconnect (when the battery dies, for example) when I'm playing the game. I can't ALT + F4. I can't ALT + TAB to a different program, even the task manager will stay in the background. The only...
  6. Constructive Criticism- Mostly PC Controls

    I have been playing Stardew Valley 1.5.4 on PC(offline), and mostly enjoying it. Only mostly is a shame. The game is excellent... except in the actual playing of it! The controls are killing me. And a few other things. So here is my constructive criticism...
  7. PC Howdy Partners! Looking for group on Thur&Sat 9pm ESTish

    Send me an invite or message me. Gamertag is GIRLZRULE1206 Xbox or CHEERITY2 Steam
  8. AZ_26

    PC Looking for Anyone to Join with or Join in During my Free Time. :)

    Hi, am AZ. I am 23. I live in the Philippines. If you like to invite me, you can Comment here or message me in Line. Line ID: iwhatever001 ps. Please inform me when messaging in Line. Ty!
  9. Issue Game Crash when Sleeping

    I know this has happened with others, but I don't know what fixes will work with me. I do have mods and want to know how to fix them properly to prevent the issue from continuing. Here's a parsed log. https://smapi.io/log/da6212cf58e7440eb1dd4c16e849b8db Any help would be appreciated.
  10. PC [BUG] New Player with Lots of problems

    Hi, I just downloaded this game from Steam onto my pc, and I need some help, as I've come across so many problems. When I First open the game after a download, I cannot move my mouse to the right side of the screen. Online suggested changing to a fullscreen, but that results in the loss of...
  11. PC [HELP] where is walls_and_floors.xnb located??

    hi so i accidentally deleted the file and i can not for the life of me find where it used to go, i restored the file but its still messing up my game and making the floor go black/disappear. i'm so sorry this is such a dumb question but i'm seriously struggling. thank you <3
  12. PC Looking for some friends to play with!

    Hey I'm Evie! I haven't played multiplayer before so I'm hoping that I can make new friends to join me. I can only speak English. I don't usually go on here so if you want to contact me then my discord is EvieEveee#9018! A little bit about me: I'm quite shy and don't really know what to say in...
  13. Sasha_Al

    PC Multiplayer (CEST time zone, no VC)

    Hi, my name is Al and I'm looking for someone to play with casually. I'm from the CEST time zone, and I'm fluent in Polish and English. I have no preference when it comes to age and gender. You can be experienced or a new player. I like taking care of animals, fishing, and foraging, but fishing...
  14. SaberChappy

    PC [HELP] Game Won't Launch (steam)

    Hadn't touched the game in a year.. I come back and it won't launch Iv'e tried everything from Verifying game files to uninstalling, reinstalling and Removed all mods from the game's folders. I just don't know what to do can anyone help please ?
  15. slipknotting

    PC lookin for peeps to play with on pc

    uh hi i'm just looking for 1-3 people to play with but please be 16+ my discord is slipknotting#6666 (:
  16. PC [BUG] Upgrade cabin multiplayer bug

    Hi, I'm on a farm with 2 friends and one of them requested an upgrade in his cabin, but it's been over 10 days (in the game) that he requested and the upgrade didn't happen, what do I do? Pls help :c
  17. PC [HELP] Game crash when splitscreen co op on PC (error log included)

    Started a co op split screen on PC for the first time and within 10 minutes the game froze and exited to desktop. Here is the error log. Message: The scissor rectangle is invalid. The scissor rectangle cannot be larger than or outside of the current render target bounds. Parameter name: value...
  18. PC [BUG] Shrine of challenge bug

    Playing on PC no mods are being used. I'm playing a multiplayer game with a few friends and we unlocked the mines hardmode. The only issue is we can't change it back to normal mode; Going to the shrine of challenge give us the text that it was "sealed" and that the mines will be normal the next...
  19. Veyleen

    PC LF friends addicted to SV (21+ preferred)

    Hello, I'm enjoying Stardew quite a lot and would like more people to play with by assisting their farm and vice versa. I look forward to finding as many as they come, because why not :blush: Discord: Amy#7437 Steam: 233737567 A little piece of me: I am 28 y.o I'm an extroverted introvert I...
  20. PC [BUG] Catching Legend crashes game.

    I caught the legend, and the instant I did, it crashed my game. This may be due to the fact that I had already caught Legend II. EDIT: I caught the legend a second time, and this time I got a chest. I can't say for sure if getting the chest was what prevented the crash, or if it was simply a...