bug 1.5.1

  1. Switch [BUG] Golden walnuts counter is broken

    I collected all 130 walnuts, but it's stuck in 129. It was stuck at 127, I put the /recountnuts command and it worked, but the next day it went back down to 129, and no matter what I do it stays there
  2. PC [BUG] Mouse clicking working intermittently

    Haven't really played since the 1.5 update, but the mouse buttons just seem to work about one half to one third of the time. If I hit the C key to do something to use a tool or swing the sword that works, but if I'm trying use the mouse then the sword frequently doesn't do anything.
  3. PC [HELP] Mines frozen on multiplayer

    After leaving and re-entering the mines through the elevator, occasionally everything will be frozen in place and weapon and tool hit boxes stay floating in the air after swinging. Enemies can be killed but don't disappear and items can't be picked up. Leaving the mines and waiting a bit usually...
  4. Killer_Whale

    Solved [BUG] Unable to aquire 1.5 F.I.B.S. [Solved]

    I have accepted the quest from the board (The Good Stuff), kegged the potatoes, put the juice into Pam's kitchen, gotten quest completed, collected the money, and then slept to the next day. I have tried entering Pam's house, and Gus' pub on multiple days, at multiple times; sun and rain. To see...
  5. PC [BUG] GINGER ISLAND (spoiler ig?)

    Traveled to Ginger Island from Willy's boat and was spawned off the boat in the water, wasn't able to walk back onto land due to invisible wall lmao, had to restart the day cause no warp totems. Attached a picture, also didn't have any mods installed.
  6. PC Bug when fishing in cave

    I accidentaly used my fishing rod in the mushroom cave, and now i can't move anymore.
  7. TheLuckAGER

    PC [BUG] Willy Special Quest Crash

    After watching the cinematic, when talking to Willy the game crashes. I was playing in Spanish, I know there were bugs in the previous version that occurred when you were not playing in English.
  8. PC [BUG] Split Screen Crashes on 32x9

    Whenever I try to activate split screen the game crashes when I am in window borderless mode. I am using a monitor with a resolution of 5120*1440 and a aspect ratio of 32:9. I am able to enable split screen by using windowed mode. After I enable split screen without it crashing in windowed...
  9. Solved [BUG] Incorrect icon for iridium flowers

    The iridium-quality Summer Spangles in this image, and generally any ColoredObject, have faulty logic for grabbing the star icon from the sprite sheet - normal objects special case a quality of 4 to point at the iridium star icon, but ColoredObjects don't, so they get that random line segment...
  10. Solved [Possible Bug] "Goblin Problem" quest changed?

    Hi all - Before the 1.5 update, when you first got to the witch's swamp and were blocked by the goblin/henchman, if you did not have a void mayo in your inventory you could fish there in the swamp and catch a void mayo that way. Usually for me at least it's been the very first thing you catch...
  11. Solved Junimos in junimo hut won't harvest crops. Pls help.

    I think my junimos are broken. Ever since y3 when i placed the new type of fertilizer it wont harvest crops anymore. Started playing on 1.5. I believe all conditions are met, not raining, etc. Have never experienced this before.
  12. Professor Brian O'blivion

    PC [BUG] Bulk action still activates doors, gates, and various destruction of surrounding features.

    I still get sucked into barns, destroy gates, and dig up paths when using bulk harvest or bulk pick up near them. It's to the point that I just omitted gates and just deal with truffles and animals slowing me down all day.
  13. PC [BUG] Game loads at wrong starting location

    I can't remember if this started as soon as I unlocked Ginger Island, but I'm experiencing a bug where every time I go to bed on the island then exit the game, when I start up again next I'm back at the main farm in town. It doesn't matter if I load the next day for a bit before exiting, exit to...
  14. PC [BUG] Starting Local Co-op causes game to crash

    My boyfriend and I recently installed Stardew Valley in his PC and we played the Local Co op mode using two PS4 controllers. It’s been going really well and we are now in Year 2. But, today when we wanted to start playing co-op again as usual, the game crashes as soon as Player 2 presses the...
  15. Lailoken42

    PC [Bug] Community Center won't unlock in multiplayer despite cutscene showing

    3 player game. I am not the host. I'm not sure who triggered the cut scene between the host or other player (I'm sure it wasn't me as I was on farm/tree cutting duty at the time). I skipped the cut scene immediately so I could get back to my tasks, but when we were ready to go deal with the...
  16. LadyMuse15

    PC [BUG] Unable to remove fish tanks from chest

    Windows 10 OS / Steam / English / Single-player I placed a large and a small fish tank in a chest. Now, they cannot be removed from said chest and a repeating error is logged. I've turned the computer on and off, verified game files, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, uninstalled...
  17. PC [BUG] 100 % Completion Didn't Unlock The New Area North Of The Railroad

    I have achieved 100 % completion on my farm (I'm playing on 1.5.1 PC right now). Here is the proof. I know the new area was supposed to be unlocked the day after reaching 100 % completion, so I went to sleep and I went to the railroad. Nothing had changed, the boulder was still there. I slept...
  18. MichaelOChurch

    Solved Suspected 1.5.1 Bug: Dwarf Scroll II

    This may or may not be a bug. I've gotten at least six Dwarf Scroll III's, but no Dwarf Scroll II in my 1.5.1 playthrough. Some of these Dwarf Scroll III drops come from the blue slimes (e.g., in the Secret Forest in Winter) and I believe (based on the Wiki) those are supposed to drop Dwarf...
  19. PC [BUG] Leah 6 heart event gets player stuck

    English - 1.5.1 Riding a horse and entering the farm from the bottom path. After the the 6 heart event animation, the player got stuck out of bounds, behind the vegetation on the bottom left. This happened 3 times.
  20. PC [BUG] Low Priority: Game Does Not Start When Using a Dock [MacOS 11, GOG]

    Description: I recently installed the game after getting a Mac via the GOG Galaxy client, but there seems to be some issue causing the game to not start under certain conditions. When starting the game from the client, it syncs, waits for a while (it shows that it starts the app as the title bar...