1. UserXae

    PC Looking to start a new farm with some peeps [NA]

    Hey how's it going? I'm Xae I used to play a lot on console but recently switched over to pc and I don't know many people who play on pc lol so here I am. I'm 20yo so I'd prefer if you were at least 17 or 18+ if you're interested. As far as the farm goes I don't really have any goals in...
  2. PC Looking for players to hang out on Stardew Valley

    Hi, I am Angel and I'm 20 looking for some people to show me the ropes of Stardew Valley. Steam name: BlaxeXD
  3. PC Looking To Play S.V Multiplayer Steam Name: Zoby7777

    if name is not working here is my steam number: 985250720 :)
  4. PC [HELP] Client character transfer

    How to transfer a character of one steam client user to another?
  5. PC [BUG] Steam achievements bug.

    Already emailled this to the support but i didn't get any response, so i'm just going to copy and paste this here. Hey there, so i have been having some trouble with achievements in my steam account, i have them ingame but they aren't stated in my steam account. I already contacted steam support...
  6. PC [HELP] Friend can't join multiplayer game (steam)

    My friend and I want nothing more than to be able to play together, but each time i invite her to play a game with me - the "connection failed" error message comes up. We've tried everything that comes up on the web - disabling firewall, reinstalling stardew - etc. None of the solves online seem...
  7. PC [HELP] "Enter an invite code" option still not showing up on Mac.

    Hello! I saw the update ConcernedApe posted on Twitter regarding the multiplayer fix for Mac and checked to see if it was working. However, the "Enter an invite code" option still seems to be missing from the Co-Op lobby. I was wondering if other Mac users are experiencing this as well? Both my...
  8. PC [HELP] MacOS - Multiplayer Can't Join Farm

    Hello, I recently saw many threads about MacOS or XBOX can't join the game/farm since Tuesday 8 June 2021. My girlfriend is playing Stardew Valley with Macbook via Steam. What we're facing: My farm is not available for her to join. The "Enter Invite Code" button is missing. Tried joining via...
  9. BooJoy

    PC [MAC] [BUG] Multiplayer not working on MAC after updating steam client update, June 7

    After Updating Steam Client Update, June 7 Unable to join/invite fellow friends.. tried all the fixes.. Invite code button also not showing up.. NOTE: Please Add Prefix[platform] section for MAC too ... THANKS 🙂
  10. PC [BUG] mac players unable to do da dew (mulitiplayer)

    Salutations! For the past day, mac players have been unable to play multiplayer Stardew Valley, specifically not showing invite codes and not allowing individuals to put in invite codes. Forums on steam have also been discussing this issue and claim that there may be an issue with the previous...
  11. Ghossts

    PC [HELP] Converting savefile to previous version to be able to transfer it to Android.

    Greetings I tried to transfer my savefile from pc (steam) to android. Sadly i am unable to open it because of version missmatch. Does anybody know to fix this like editing a savefile to previous version? Ghossts
  12. PC [HELP] steam overlay wont work

    im not sure if this is a bug or not but when i'm in game shift tab just changes bag slot , i have reinstalled the game and reinstalled steam i have no idea my overlay works with every other game so its not steam . I also made sure the overlay is active for the game , any help please
  13. PC [HELP] Multiplayer Game Keeps Crashing on Mac

    Hi! Thanks in advance for any help/guidance! My sister and I are trying to play multiplayer stardew and we are able to connect using an invite code, but each time we try to play a day it seems to randomly crash. We are both using macs and when I try to host, sometime during the day (once at ~6pm...
  14. PC [HELP] (steam) Game tries to launch then closes.

    Hi I'm having issues opening game. Game attempts to launch then closes instantly. Have tried pretty much everything in forum. Can anyone help? I have attached error message that i'm gettting from SMAPI. Thanks
  15. PC [HELP] Ps4 controler is not working

    Hi, I tried to find a solution but it seems I can't make my ps4 controller work with the game. My controller is detected by the imac and I can use it with other games on steam without any problems. It just does not work on Stardew Valley. Does anyone have a solution ? I'm really uneasy with a...
  16. PC [HELP] Gamepad is not working [Steam/Big Picture]

    The gamepad does not work in stardew valley in big picture mode. I've researched a lot on the internet and no solution. The gamepad works normally in the big picture menu and in other games, which reinforces that the problem is in the Stardew valley. my sister is loving the game, but she has a...
  17. SaberChappy

    PC [HELP] Game Won't Launch (steam)

    Hadn't touched the game in a year.. I come back and it won't launch Iv'e tried everything from Verifying game files to uninstalling, reinstalling and Removed all mods from the game's folders. I just don't know what to do can anyone help please ?
  18. leonthemanager

    PC [HELP] Game keeps crashing :( -i'm on mac

    Hello all , thank you in advance to anyone who will answer, I'm not the best with computers, trying my best!! Computer : MacBook Pro (end of 2013), macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6 16Go 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory, 2?8GHz Intel Core i7 Processor My issue here is this: I played SDV earlier today for...
  19. PC [HELP] Game offline?

    I started playing the game om my PC and I have come pretty far but sometime my steam was disconnected and nothing has saved on steam just on my PC still. I just went on a trip with my laptop and that is when I realized my game hadn't saved but kept on playing and made another world (I am...
  20. PC [BUG] Mystery of the Stardrops not unlocking on steam

    Game acknowledges I've found all stardrops, but the steam achievement won't unlock. Master angler was the very last achievement I unlocked and I did eat the stardrop for it. Please help.