1. PC [HELP] Ps4 controler is not working

    Hi, I tried to find a solution but it seems I can't make my ps4 controller work with the game. My controller is detected by the imac and I can use it with other games on steam without any problems. It just does not work on Stardew Valley. Does anyone have a solution ? I'm really uneasy with a...
  2. PC [HELP] Gamepad is not working [Steam/Big Picture]

    The gamepad does not work in stardew valley in big picture mode. I've researched a lot on the internet and no solution. The gamepad works normally in the big picture menu and in other games, which reinforces that the problem is in the Stardew valley. my sister is loving the game, but she has a...
  3. SaberChappy

    PC [HELP] Game Won't Launch (steam)

    Hadn't touched the game in a year.. I come back and it won't launch Iv'e tried everything from Verifying game files to uninstalling, reinstalling and Removed all mods from the game's folders. I just don't know what to do can anyone help please ?
  4. leonthemanager

    PC [HELP] Game keeps crashing :( -i'm on mac

    Hello all , thank you in advance to anyone who will answer, I'm not the best with computers, trying my best!! Computer : MacBook Pro (end of 2013), macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6 16Go 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory, 2?8GHz Intel Core i7 Processor My issue here is this: I played SDV earlier today for...
  5. PC [HELP] Game offline?

    I started playing the game om my PC and I have come pretty far but sometime my steam was disconnected and nothing has saved on steam just on my PC still. I just went on a trip with my laptop and that is when I realized my game hadn't saved but kept on playing and made another world (I am...
  6. PC [BUG] Mystery of the Stardrops not unlocking on steam

    Game acknowledges I've found all stardrops, but the steam achievement won't unlock. Master angler was the very last achievement I unlocked and I did eat the stardrop for it. Please help.
  7. PC [HELP] Lagging/Freezing on PC split screen with xbox controllers

    I'm playing (and enjoying) Stardew Valley with my GF on split screen on PC (Steam Version) but it stutteres/freezes every few minutes at random activities (walking around village, chopping wood at home parcel, in the mine etc.). We're playing with two xbox controllers (bluetooth and one wired)...
  8. PC [BUG] Lighting Not Updating Inside House When It Turns Dark

    Hi all, I have a pretty insignificant bug here, but it is still a bug. Nothing game breaking :) Info: When you are inside your house during the day time and wait until it turns dark outside, then the windows change to black, but the house remains bright, as if it were day. I was able to...
  9. Bark Ruffalo

    PC [HELP] Can I use Steam for my game that I bought on GOG?

    I purchased my game on GOG, but my daughter and I are having issues with multiplayer so I was wondering if I could install Steam and use it instead of GOG for whatever it is that Steam does or do I need to repurchase from Steam? I don't mind, as it's on sale now, but I'd rather not have to.
  10. PC [HELP] Traceback when trying to join co-op game

    Hello, Yesterday, I made a Co-Op farm and played with 3 friends for a few hours. When I went to play today, I was unable to invite or join any online games. I noticed a traceback in my AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\ErrorLogs (pasted below). I am on PC. I'm not sure if the traceback is related...
  11. PC [BUG] [Mac] [1.54] About Stardew Valley has wrong version number

    If you are running the game windowed on Mac via steam the version number is different from the actual version number. Stardew valley menu -> About Stardew valley gives Version 1.08 (1) rather than 1.54. I know this is seriously cosmetic!
  12. PC [BUG] Game crashes in splitscreen when entering Home

    OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64 Kernel: 5.10.10-arch1-1 WM: bspwm CPU: Intel i7-4790 (8) @ 4.000GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 nvidia: version 460.39 Me and a friend started playing together in local co-up using the steam remote play feature. Because my friends internet connection was...
  13. PC (HELP) Game doesn't open in Steam

    When I try to open the game after 10 seconds the game just closes with showing nothing, I tried every guide in the internet. Help please :(
  14. Issue SMAPI 3.8. & 3.9 bug on Mac - museum and buildings

    Hi, I've got the Steam version on my MacBook. I upgraded to SMAPI 3.8 when I noticed some odd things happening. I couldn't move new buildings and old buildings on my farm as the mouse had frozen. I also couldn't donate anything to the museum as the mouse was hard to control and misses the item...
  15. thypeony

    PC [help] my game doesn't start

    i can't start start my game at steam, everytime i try to start it, it takes some time and then it doesn't start it.
  16. Solved Crash to desktop when using silo or fish pond (Solved)

    Hi, Using unmodded up to date Stardew on Steam. When trying to access either silos or fish ponds the game crashes to desktop without any error message. It happens both in singleplayer and in local co-op. Playing on english. Resolution 3440*[email protected] for Stardew.
  17. PC [HELP] Game crashes when I try to log in on my character

    My daughter has 2 characters, a multi-player and a single-player character. Whenever she logs into her single-player character, the game crashes and shuts down. This started yesterday (Jan 16th around 5pm EST). Please help FYI- played through STEAM
  18. PC [BUG] [Spoilers 1.5] Key to the Town bug on events/holidays?

    Today was the Stardew Valley Fair, which I skipped; after the event time was over, I warped to the beach (with a totem, not an obelisk) to go to Ginger Island and my Key wasn't working--I couldn't get into Willy's shack after hours. I keep getting the standard "It's locked..." message, and not...
  19. PC [HELP] Steam Overlay not working

    Ever since the 1.5 update, my Steam Overlay does not work with Stardew Valley. It works with other games EXCEPT Stardew Valley. I have done the following and still no fixes to it Uninstalling and installing Stardew Valley Uninstalling and installing Steam Verifying Integrity of files...
  20. PC [Help] Game stops responding in split screen

    Windows 10 Steam English language Ryzen 2600 RX 580 Playing local coop with split screen. Game randomly stops responding. No error log is generated. Happened twice while one of us was at the mines (levels 5 to 15), once as soon as a day started and we were reading mail, once while one of us...