1. NoirNeverSore

    What's your favorite gem?

    Well this is simple, select your favorite gem... See which are popular, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer though
  2. Miss Berry

    Favorite Spouse?

    I’ve only married two so far, Leah and Haley, and I’ve loved my married life with both of them! With 12 options tho, and me wanting to know the married story of each, how would y’all suggest I marry them in order? Krobus, though not a marriageable option, also included! And would you suggest...
  3. benjellyman

    Easiest bundles for you to complete? (Poll)

    See above
  4. imnvs

    POLL: Which NPCs do you think you should be able to make friends with?

    You can vote for as many NPCs as you would like, one or all or anything in between. So, who are you going to check the box for that you think should be able to love you, and who will you leave the box unchecked for because you think they shouldn't be counted against you when you're going for...
  5. iridium quality

    Favorite Marriage Candidate?

    Hi everyone! I know that quite a few threads have been created about the marriage candidates in SDV, but no recent ones that asked everyone's opinions on all the bachelors and bachelorettes. Who was the first person you fell for? Who was the first person you married? Who was the second? Have...
  6. iridium quality

    What's your favorite part of the game?

    Hi everyone! So I wanted to ask the community a question: What is your favorite part of the game? No, I don't mean mechanics such as fishing or mining. I also am not talking about NPCs or quests or even house upgrades. I'm talking about time! I like to classify my saves (timewise) in three...
  7. Magically Clueless

    What device do you use the most for the forums?

    I thought collecting some stats would be nice. The question is simple: what device do you use to access the forums the most and why? If you've used multiple devices to access the forums, how does it feel for you? At the time of posting this, I've been using my phone and my mom's tablet to...
  8. Magically Clueless

    Which do you prefer: fruit bats or mushroom caves?

    I'm a fruit bat person. I think the bats are cute, I like it for CC since I never buy fruit trees early/mid game, and in general I always forget to check the cave every 2 days so it's helpful for me to just check it once a week to see what's cropped up. What do you guys prefer? Feel free to...
  9. Maple

    POLL: Whats your bet on the most challenging farm layout?

    The most difficult farm layout to complete or beautify What's your opinion on the farm layout that's really challenging, making you pull an all-nighter and even skip meals? Let us know! [Criteria] Total: 40 points 5pts Farm's Appearance / Layout 10pts Space for crops/farming...
  10. PurpleAlpacaCoding

    How do you play Stardew?

    There are a hugely wide array of play styles that we are able to pursue. What are your favorites?
  11. Magically Clueless

    (CA's Twitter Post) What tree (or vine) did you vote for?

    The tweet made by CA: Which one did you vote for, and if you didn't get a chance to vote, what are you hoping appears in the game? For me, I was stuck between banana and mango, but I ended up voting bananas since I eat those IRL a lot more. In the comments though, he suggests making a huge...