(CA's Twitter Post) What tree (or vine) did you vote for?

Which one?

  • Avacado

    Votes: 11 17.5%
  • Banana

    Votes: 27 42.9%
  • Mango

    Votes: 16 25.4%
  • Passionfruit

    Votes: 9 14.3%

  • Total voters

Magically Clueless

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The tweet made by CA:

Which one did you vote for, and if you didn't get a chance to vote, what are you hoping appears in the game?

For me, I was stuck between banana and mango, but I ended up voting bananas since I eat those IRL a lot more. In the comments though, he suggests making a huge trellis for passionfruits which I think sounds really cool!!


I didn’t vote because I don’t use social media, but if I did I would have voted for Banana too ^^ I hope that there’s at least one or two new cooking recipes coming out that use banana, I really like cooking in SDV so I always like seeing more added to it :)


bananas B)
i've got fruit allergies and bananas are one of the few fruits i can actually eat, so they're the only thing in the list i care for. lowkey hoping for a banana split recipe,,,


Voted for the Avocado since I didn't see much of this fruit in games, but it didn't matter. Love dem all :junicheer:


I never saw the poll until just now, but I would have voted for passionfruit (lilikoi). Because when I was on Maui I found a lilikoi vine growing on a huge tree by a little stream and ate the lilikoi that was laying on the ground. To me, that was paradise. Also, lilikoi was one of my favorite drinks there. The little round yellow fruits would have looked so pretty in SDV.

But bananas will be cool. As long as there are no tarantulas.


I voted passion fruit. Honestly, I'm just excited for any new recipes from whatever new fruit is integrated ^_^. I saw someone say dragon fruit on here and I second that! So colorful :hlevel:
And they come in such an incredible variety of brilliant colors! Yep, I'm all for the dragon fruit some day.