What's your favorite gem?

What's your favourite gem

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Aquamarine is my favorite just because I like how it looks. It's a loved gift for a few villagers, and usually necessary for the bird puzzle, but it's not one of the most needed gems. Jade is the one I collect and replicate the most, for stairs.

Lenora Rose

I like how the ruby is the only gem that looks like it is already cut and ready to be set in some jewelry.
Except both diamond and Emerald are, too, and arguably so are turquoise and topaz (that could be a curved round cut). The only ones that *definitely* aren't are jade and amethyst.


We all know that gems are very valuable. Apart from being a great gift, gems also help in collecting gold to grow your business. However, in Stardew Valley, which gems are the most expensive?

The most expensive gem in Stardew Valley is the Prismatic Shard >_<.


Normal Price: 2000g
Price with Jewel Master Profession: 2600g
Prismatic Shards are considered one of the rarest gems in the game, and there are several challenging ways to get them. Unfortunately, you cannot generate it using the Crystalarium due to the negative interaction between Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and the equipment. This has been confirmed in the Stardew Valley Technology Report!

Also, you can craft only one item with Prismatic Shards, such as a Wedding Ring. You can get the recipe for this ring from the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley. To craft it, you need one Prismatic Shard and five Iridium Bars.

Prismatic Shards offer an even greater advantage for stone collectors, as they are the key to obtaining the Galaxy Sword and turning your children into doves by offering them to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. However, this is just a sneak peek at what this gem can do in Stardew Valley.

After seeing how expensive they are, you'll want to know how to get them. Here is a summary of each method you can use to get them:

Breaking the Mystical Stone in the Mine on floors 100+ and also in the Cave of Skeletons and the Mine (25% chance).
Sometimes obtained by destroying Iridium Nodes in areas such as Skull Cavern, Quarry, and Volcano Dungeon (4% chance).
Destroying Omni Geodes. You can also purchase this geode from Sandy or Krobus depending on their schedule (0.4% chance).
Fishing for treasure chests after reaching Fishing Level 6 (0.012% chance).
Killing Snakes and Mummies (0.1%); Brute and Shaman Shadows (0.05%). 0.5% chance on any monster once you reach the Mining pit.
Odds of getting it from the Rainbow Trout Pond once the population count is 9 or more (0.09% chance).
Occasionally found in the Treasure Room in the Skeleton Cavern (4% chance).
Obtained during your first visit in the Volcano Dungeon chest.
Obtained daily after obtaining the Statue of True Perfection.
Hope this information helps you in your pursuit of these rare and precious Prismatic Shards!

Lew Zealand

Local Legend
Baryte bc it looks like a bear
100% I've always loved it's look! "Best specimens resemble a desert rose," yeah CA, don't design it like that and then try to deflect the truth.

And anyway everyone knows it's just fossilized dawn bear coprolites buried, compressed and metamorphosed by millions of years geologic processes then uplifted back to the surface by the combined actions of billions of centipedes and the occasional nekkid mole rat.