How do you play Stardew?

What is a part of your play style?

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its hard to say... i really like how relationships works... but i also like money :wink:
im on year two with almost every npc with at leas 4-6 hearts, and 200k gold or more..
i try to find thins on my own.. but when i cant understand something, i instantly go to check it on the wiky.. so idk :hmm:

i just hate speedrunning/minmaxing/restarting.. i like to play relaxed by listening the beautifull music and building a functional but nice-looking farm..:laugh:
I to try and complete the Community Center by Winter while making money to fund my second year with ease. Relationships are, generally, ignored for the most part til Year 2.

By Year 3, I'll likely start a new farm.


I find that how I play the game closely imitates how I've always approached life. I don't care much for appearances. So my farm is nothing to look at, but it's highly functional and efficient, maintaining and using all its resources at once. And I'm trying to be good at everything all the time, take advantage of all opportunities, meet all the challenges, and so on. Money is no more important to me than any of the other resources in the game, and definitely not a goal in itself. The first years are always more stressful for me than I'd like - spent trying to please ol' Grandpa, re-open the Community Center, and level-up - but I always really enjoy that time as well.


While I care about profit more, I usually balance it by reserving a couple of every item for gifts and then selling the rest. As far as min-maxing (if I understand what it means correctly) I usually go on week-long (in-game weeks) where I only care about one thing. One week will be the Week of Fish, after that, Week of Forageables, etc. I feel that it helps with building levels quickly for the skills that aren't farming. Whatever resources I get from each week go to the Community Center first and then end up as gifts once the Community Center has what it needs. I tend to find myself on the Wiki in order to see what everyone loves and likes because some of the preferences are hard to guess. As far as mistakes go, I play through them. I'm only on my first playthrough right now and if I restarted every day I didn't like it'd still be day one of Spring.


ah haha I'm the first one to say "put the community center on the back burner". It's weird, it's my goal, I make sure to keep stuff I need for it along the way, but I don't usually go out of my way to grab it until year two usually. And I can't say that I'm becoming everyone's best friend while that goes on (not that I'm not talking to people but once again, I'm not going out of my way). I think it's just that I have small goals in mind that don't necessarily have the bigger goals as the end game. You might say I'm inefficient.


I usually just to this:
-water crops
-pet animals
-now what......

The last one is when i just walk around looking for some stuff to do.
Its not boring when you play your favorite Music while playing(ERB).


My day goes something like this which is really not on the list of choices:
  1. Give Alex a hug and gift (he loves eggs!)
  2. Check the weather for tomorrow.
  3. Go to my animal area and gather eggs/milk/etc. and refill the appropriate machines that I keep in the barn/coop.
  4. Swing around to my mushroom tree field and harvest.
  5. Check my fruit making building.
  6. Head back up to my main farm area and the greenhouse to gather from there.
  7. Check my wine making building and refill as needed.
  8. Head into the house basement and check my kegs, refilling as necessary from what I've collected.
  9. Head back outside, refilling the ingot maker, coal maker, seed maker, etc.
At that point, my chores for the day are done. It's usually still mid morning. Wintertime, I spend in the mines usually. The rest of the year it varies. I try to work on relationships (currently have 8 maxed out friendships and many are close). I attend festivals, go night fishing, do the occasional quest. I clean out the quarry sometimes and yesterday I found my first Dinosaur egg there!

So I'm focused on making money AND making friends. Work-life balance. Yesterday I spent a ton of money on the furniture catalog and home decor catalog. I am near the end of year 5 and I figured it was time to get serious about making my home look a lot more comfy. Prior to that spending, I was almost to my first million. But that's ok. I'll make more.


I think it depends on what stage of the game I am at. For the first year, I focus so much on money and the community centre. Once I have the greenhouse, money is usually in a good place and sustainable. Then I move onto leveling my skills, building up a stockpile of stuff and making a beautiful farm.
This is not how percentages work -.- just saying...
It doesn't look like anyone referenced percentages. Are you talking about the poll? It's because it's a multiple choice poll. So of the currently 40 responses, 10 (25% of them) marked Profits first, 20 (50% of them) marked Community Center ASAP, and so forth. The percentages are correct. It can and does exceed 100% because the average number of responses per person exceeds 1 is all. In fact since it totals 322.5%, we know that on average folks are checking 3.225 boxes in their response. Hope that helps!


This is not how percentages work -.- just saying...
I LOVE that this community happily ignores silly taboos against thread necromancing. And, yeah, I like @Giant Octopodes's reply.

I ignore people until the first Luau, by when I feel very rich with my Pale Ale income (even though it's only dozens of thousands of money). Then I have lots of fun around first Fall and Winter hanging out around town and the Saloon giving out gifts like Santa Claus. Largesse is fun!

I rush the minecarts, greenhouse, and bus repair. But I drag my feet on the rest since the game loses meaning for me at a certain point. Maybe I just like the early game (first three months) best.


The only times in-game I ever restart is if I accidentally through my important, expensive, galaxy sword out of my inventory into the lava while trying to upgrade it-
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I LOVE that this community happily ignores silly taboos against thread necromancing.
I've discovered today the expression "thread necromancy" and I must them that I love it! :laugh:

Back to topic, I usually play for the fun or the experience and relationship is an important part of it. I do try to make profit but not to maximise it at the expense of other things. And the two main reasons I may restart the day are : dying in the mines and losing valuable or rare items ; not being careful enough about the time and missing an event/shop opening hours that I planned to visit that day.


I checked Profit first. People later. as my primary although it it more advance first -- I spend the money as soon as it comes in. I do have a couple eligibles on the front burner and work harder to advance their hearts than the others, and try to have a conversation with everybody I bump into during the day.

And of course, look things up in the Wiki -- I'd get frustrated trying to figure everything on my own, even with the hints in Livin' Off the Land.


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There are at least 4, maybe 5 groups of questions being asked (depending on how folks look at them), so that the average number of boxes checked is 3.358 (what we're up to now) also means folks aren't all responding to all of those categories too.