1. MagoBR

    Android (IU mobile)Suggestions for improvements in quality of life

    Below I list some suggestions for quality of life improvements related to the mobile version UI: 1) Reduction in dialog boxes: currently the characters' dialog bar hinders the visualization of cutscenes a bit, so it would be interesting if there was an option to reduce the dialog box, both for...
  2. Android problem in combat!

    Samsung A20 o problema que estou tendo, é em relação ao dano! isso é ficar com todas as armas. quando vou atacar é sempre muito fraco. mesmo usando a espada da galáxia...
  3. Android 1.5 save issues

    Hi! I had a save on my phone (Motorola edge+ 2022) and when I opened the app it had updated to the 1.5 version, I was so excited. It asked me to allow access to my saved files and I did, I have them in my files, I can pull them up via the app, it just won't use the save? It says transfer, goes...
  4. Mobile touch controls rework, quality of life improvements

    Touch controls needs a rework like holding down action buttons instead tapping repeatedly to harvest for each crop, it gets frustrating when you trying to farm large amounts of crops. Hoe and watercan could be more accurate, sometimes they just insist skipping to next tile. We can no longer drag...
  5. Android Can't find screenshot PLS HELP

    Device: Samsung A10S Issue: In the game, screenshot is taken but I can not find it in my gallery and files. There is no stardewvalley under android/data. Please see photo below. Screenshot:
  6. Android Shipping quest items (such as 100 ginger for Caroline's quest) in the island bin doesn't work

    I shipped the ginger 2 days ago, thought the quest was done but nah.
  7. vip

    Native control mapping.

    Does anyone know if they will, or when they will add some kind of key mapping natively to stardew valley mobile, I have a ps5 controller it even works in the game itself, but the fact that it doesn't have a native mapping method makes the experience with the controller somewhat bad, the keys in...
  8. kuumi

    iOS how to move furniture (like tables) on mobile?

    I know how to move the little decoration, but how do i move the rugs and tables etc? i’ve tried joystick controls :/
  9. Mobile needs some attention

    Dear ConcernedApe, I loved the game so much on PC that I bought it on mobile. But the controls are weird and the the app is too far outdated to let me run my farm that i transferred from my Mac to my iPad. Soooooo 3/5 ⭐️ here’s why: I would rate five stars but I have taken one star off for no...
  10. Android [Help] Farmer and UI doesn't load when loading where previously left off

    Hello everyone, This started the other day and is making it very difficult to complete a day. If I close the game and try to load the temporary save file later, sometimes the game will load, I'll see the map I was on, but my farmer and the UI with my tools won't load in (see attached). I'm on...
  11. Hoping for Bug Fixes on 1.5 mobile

    Very excited on the 1.5 mobile release due to the additions of new content which is like a DLC. However, I hope that this update would also bring bug fixes that are prominent in the mobile version. One of which is with the use of slingshot with a controller that was reported 2 years ago...
  12. Arshi®

    Potrait Mode (Mobile)

    Please add a Potrait mode settings feature for mobile version for 1 handed play bcz mobile have full touch screen so it would be more friendly for many PPL to play with one handed in Potrait mode. I'm lefty so i rotate inventory in left side to choose any object with my thumb and down bottom...
  13. Arshi®

    NPC with Umbrella in rainy day (Mobile & PC)

    This add realism and add game expiration more at users, game NPC in rainy days NPC walking with Umbrella ☂️ Other a little suggestion if we are at horse 🐎 we can also ask them to join us to lift at home Pic is for Suggestion Consept Btw I'm a mobile user Thanks💜
  14. Arshi®

    Feature to sit on chair, sofa, bench (Mobile)

    Please Developers Request add feature to sit on chairs, sofa, or bench like PC version in Mobile. It make user relex and make game environment more friendly Thanks 🙏
  15. iOS Transfer [HELP] Save Data to New Phone

    I got a new phone and can see my saved backup file on my device but don't know how to transfer that to the actual game. Can anyone please help? I've looked around everywhere but the wiki doesn't have complete answers.
  16. Arshi®

    Option to Sign in with Google mail (Mobile)

    Please add a option to sign up with Google mail/Google Play service for Mobile version so user save will never delete also with this PPL will stop Download this game from third parties if it will always connect with internet at starting. Example M time at Potria(game) Thanks.
  17. Arshi®

    Things fall outside from map (Mobile)

    Sometimes things fall outside from map I'm in Mobile version and we can't pick them this happened with me manytimes i hardly found a ghost and kill him but he drop outside map i tried and force to drag but nothing working please fix it, we can say it suggestion or bug. Thanks Developers
  18. Arshi®

    Please Update Mobile Version.!!

    Please Developers update mobile version and adding sitting animation for mobile like pc we can sit in our house Chair, sofa, or bench but in mobile ver Sitting Animation i really feel missing it's not too hard to add for mobile l, i purchased though like pc but many things missing also longtime...
  19. RositheCat

    iOS [BUG] Some cutscenes don’t play

    Okay, so, I’m here again. Some cutscenes don’t work, mainly ones with Sebastian and Linus. You can see the idle animations playing, hear the music, but that’s it. Nothing happens. It just sits there and doesn’t play.