1. Igorferreira72

    Standard Farm My All Farms in the Game.

    Hello everyone, I decided to make a summary of all my Farms, First you need to know that some were made during the 1.4 Mobile update, Since I don't play on Computer, So I never mess with them again, I like to preserve the Classics, I own some Disgner prototypes that I never finished, well let's...
  2. Issue My SMAPI mobile won't open!

    Hello people! I have Stardew Valley ( version) on my phone, and I was researching how to play online with my friends. However, when I click to open SMAPI it simply crashes. Nothing appears, just
  3. Aspen Way Dragons

    How to find screenshots on 1.5 mobile fire tablet

    I can't seem to find the screenshots I took of my farm.
  4. iOS How do I play the same farm save on different mobile devices?

    I want to play the same farm on my phone, but the save is on my iPad. I managed to copy my save file on my iPad and paste it in the stardew valley file on my phone through ICloud, and my farm does appear on my phone in the loaded saves! But when I try to get in, i‘m kicked to the title screen...
  5. pix

    iOS Mobile Bugs Ive Ran Into

    Hello, I’ve been working on perfection mobile and I’ve encountered a list of bugs I would like to share. Everything has been done on an IPhone 12 with the latest update of Stardew Valley. I don’t use the save where you left feature a whole lot but regardless I encounter these bugs. 1. Sometimes...
  6. iOS Fishing Sounds Mobile IOS

    On Mobile IOS after going fishing all you can hear is the reeling of the rod even after exiting to title I have to close the game and restart it for it to stop
  7. why does my friends stardew valley crash when we try playing together?

    My friend and I were trying to both play Stardew valley Smapi together with the Ridgeside mod installed(on both devices), but when they load into the game and leave the house, it crashes on them and this text is repeated? I don't know what it means or how to fix it :( ""An error occurred in the...
  8. iOS Two mobile glitches!

    So I have two glitches I at least know of, I’m playing on an iPad. The first one is that when I enter the community center and try interacting with the golden scroll in the lower left room, it won’t let me. I don’t know what to do. Second glitch is when I try to interact with the cash register...
  9. Minion5115

    Keyboard Support for mobile

    Keyboard support for mobile would be great for everyone that likes mobile gaming or can’t afford a pc or laptop. If it’s too hard to implement that there’s also another way that would allow iPad users (unsure if it would also work on other mobile devices) to play Stardew Valley with a keyboard...
  10. Android I think robin is bugged

    Robin vent sliding through the house when I prest to continue the bay and she was sliding on the wall to the door and when I got in she was just in the wall
  11. iOS From Android to IOS

    Hello, I am currently playing the game on my Samsung S23 Ultra with the Google Play Pass and was wondering if there is any way for me to play the game on my IPAD tablet as well. Is there a way to sync the game with the email associated with the google play store so I can play as long as I have...
  12. Flio

    Android Game crash after opening Load button

    hello i got this problem in stardew when i open up the load Button from the menu it crashes and it's also the same for the New Game Button, i tried reinstalling the Game but its still the same Heres a Example (Picture)
  13. kittina

    Multiplayer(version mobile)

    Hi stardew valley fam:haley: My question is, is there multiplayer on the mobile version as well? If so, where should I find it?
  14. iOS SDV Mobile Bug(s)

    I have a few bugs to report for the mobile version of Stardew Valley. When trying to interact with anything near the bottom of the screen, or all shop counters, I have to zoom out the screen in order to interact. Sometimes ending a day will leave me on the day transition/saving screen...
  15. Android Freeze by drop off box (Android)

    Hi all, I have been playing stardew on mobile for a long while now, and since this last update I noticed that when I go by the drop off box and open the chest I have placed next to it, (used to store the seasons goods until I sell on the last day) and exit from the chest the game completely...
  16. Issue I can't find saves

    Hi, nice to meet you! I have a pretty big problem. I'm on a moving from my old phone to a new, and I just tried to send the StardewValley folder from the old phone to the new, but instead of it, I deleted it. Now the folder is gone, but my farm is still accessable in the game. I tried to sleep...
  17. Android Please help

    Hi all. I have just loaded up Stardew for the first time since the 1.5 update on mobile launched and the whole ui has changed and I'm not sure how to change back to the way it was, like everything is zoomed in and it seems like there's no default settings option. Anyone else had this issue?
  18. beegway

    Mac Save file doesn't show up in game..

    Hello! two days ago I decided to transfer my save file from my laptop(macbook) to my mobile android device since i wanted to play the game anywhere I can and not start over, it worked fantastically. But just earlier I transferred my save file from my mobile device back again to the laptop but...
  19. Android (IU mobile)Suggestions for improvements in quality of life

    Below I list some suggestions for quality of life improvements related to the mobile version UI: 1) Reduction in dialog boxes: currently the characters' dialog bar hinders the visualization of cutscenes a bit, so it would be interesting if there was an option to reduce the dialog box, both for...
  20. Android problem in combat!

    Samsung A20 o problema que estou tendo, é em relação ao dano! isso é ficar com todas as armas. quando vou atacar é sempre muito fraco. mesmo usando a espada da galáxia...