golden walnut

  1. Switch Golden Walnut

    Hi! I am on year three and still cannot get one of the walnuts. The only hint I get is “hidden in the pages of the journal” however, I have gone to each journal place multiple times as well as checking the wiki/YouTube etc. I can’t get the resort without this one. Help!
  2. rosedusk

    Switch [HELP] Hidden Path Golden Walnut

    I've seen other threads regarding getting this golden walnut, but the solutions haven't worked for me. I'm on Switch, single player. I can get to the end of the hidden path -- I can see it with my glow ring. But once I'm there, no amount of using tools or shaking bushes is giving me the...
  3. T1nycarrot

    Didn’t receive the Golden Walnuts during pirate quest?

    Hi all, I completed the pirate quest on Ginger Island and got the fairy dust recipe but didn’t get the 5 golden walnuts? I’m on Xbox can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. ILoveWalnuts

    Xbox [BUG] Xbox Series X, Split Screen 2 player co-op: Player 2 cannot dig up Golden Walnuts

    So not sure what else I can say about this issue. We are not talking about the ones that need the scraps to locate, these are just the regular ones on the island. Player 2 can dig in the spots and the ground becomes dirt but no walnuts come out. Player 2 can walk over to the same spot, dig in...
  5. Windows [HELP] Can't Pick Up Hidden Path Golden Walnut

    Feels like I have to be missing something. I'm able to follow the path to the four little leafy things, but no matter what I do once I'm there, I can't pick up the walnut. I've tried clicking in the center, on each leaf, around the edges, using various tools, pretty much everything I can think...
  6. Switch Golden walnuts bug

    I have collected all the golden walnuts but the game is informing that I am missing one even tho I have counted collecting all of them other people have also had this bug on switch where the game glitches and doesn’t register all the walnuts being collected.
  7. Switch 129/130 walnuts, no parrot hints

    I am playing online multiplayer with one friend. We believe we have found all of the walnuts but it is stated that we are one short. The parrot is not giving any more hints and we have already gotten walnuts from all of the non-hinted locations and secret notes. Could this be a bug?
  8. Switch Mermaid Flute Block Puzzle Not Working

    I have played SDV on PC, non-modded, on several files and never had an issue with the flute block mermaid puzzle. This is my first Switch play through, and I place the blocks below the designs, but when I walk past them, only three out of the five blocks play. I made sure they were all facing...
  9. Leanwd

    Leaving the island resort for the very last moment

    I never bothered restoring the island resort when running through the map, but now that I'm actually looking for "Perfection", I may have spent my golden walnuts upgrading every other thing in the island and leaving the resort for last minute. And now my question: Am I stuck? Like, the resort...
  10. Solved Golden walnut bug

    Golden walnut near mr.qi's house is fly away so can't get perfection.
  11. Windows can't unlock walnut room?

    i play on pc, it is a multiplayer world(nobody except me has grabbed a walnut) i'm on 99/100 of the walnut door and ive gotten at least 4 walnuts over 100 because i did the note block mermaid thing, i dont know what to do please help!
  12. Windows [HELP] Parrot hints

    I have all 11 journal scraps and I have harvested all of the golden walnuts (the 3 treasure maps and the volcano tree) and I’ve dug up the spots to check again multiple times, but the parrot keeps saying it’s “hidden in the pages of a journal.” Does anyone have any advice for what could be wrong...
  13. Solved [BUG] Ginger Island Bridge Repair Repeats

    In multiplayer, if you try and give an item from the host to another player, the dig site bridge repair will occur again and will charge you 10 walnuts AGAIN. I tried to give the other player a warp totem, then the golden walnut counter ticked down and the birds fluttered in to do the repair a...
  14. Mac [BUG] Game crashing at 100 golden walnuts

    I am at 99 golden walnuts right now or have moreover worked myself up to that number. Whenever I get another walnut or multiple other walnuts, the day will continue as normal and I'll even be able to access Qi's room and bounty board. When I try to sleep though, the game will crash before it can...
  15. Kyuzo13

    Solved BUG? Golden Walnuts - Colored Crystals Puzzle

    Playing on Xbox console, single player, I successfully completed the colored crystals puzzle on Ginger Island. The three golden walnuts were released, but I completed the puzzle as the time changed from 1:50 to 2:00 a.m. transporting me to bed before I collected them. I currently have 127/130...
  16. Schoko Lan

    Solved Help: Golden Walnut issue

    Hi, everyone! The parrot at Ginger Island keeps telling me that one hint " 1 burried... pirate cove" and the problem is I am sure I already have this walnut because for multiple in-game days I tried to find it at the spot where it´s supposed to be. I also tried it with /recountnuts but it...
  17. PC [BUG] /recountnuts re-gives me all the days Golden Walnuts

    i was trying to find all the remaining golden walnuts, and thought all had been found , but the perrfection tracker displayed 129/130. the wiki said this could be fixed by using the command '/recountnuts'. when i tried that it simply gavve me thirteen more walnuts (the amount i had collected...
  18. spongehead

    129 Walnuts [SPOILERS]

    As I'm sure a lot of people are, I seem to be stuck at 129 golden walnuts. I have everything else for perfection aside from the gold clock, so I thought while I waited for passive income to get me there I would track down my last few. However, as is apparently very common, the bird stopped...
  19. Switch [BUG] Randomly bought trading hut after already bought trading hut

    I was playing online multiplayer on my friends save file, and the previous day she unlocked the trading hut using golden walnuts. Around ten pm the next day we were using the hoe on the ground looking for more walnuts around the volcano and suddenly it said "player unlocked the trading hut"...
  20. Solved Bug Steam Walnuts 129/130 should be 130/130

    I used the same report tool mentioned by an earlier poster having the same problem: with the same result. it said that I had not found all of them, but there were indicators saying that I had found all 130. I am using Stardew through Steam on a...