1. Kardia Vex

    Android Emily visit's for 1 cloth bugged

    I've finally received 1 cloth, but Emily still hasn't visited me to allow me to use her sewing machine, even though it says waking up with 1 cloth from 6 am to 11 am will start the scene when you walk out of the house, I've attempted this several times, it did not work, so I believe it is bugged.
  2. sameperson_differentfont

    Solved [BUG] No heart icon on anniversary

    Emily and I married on Summer 21st, (I confirmed this by looking through screenshots) but recently I noticed that there is no heart that replaces the weather icon. It is not a festival day. Emily did not say anything related to our marriage or anniversary. It’s year 10, we married year 3 or 2...
  3. LRangerR

    Mac [BUG] Incorrect Emily Dialogue when she's in the Desert

    So, something to do with Emily being in the Desert visiting Sandy on her Birthday when it's also Raining. The full thread is here, I just figured I'd post this here for Ape if he ever gets around to it. https://forums.stardewvalley.net/threads/emily-in-the-desert.11821/#post-71866
  4. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    Altar of Yoba

    My comment is that the temple needs to be a little bit lively. It would be nice to add a Yoba priest or pastor because nobody is preaching the words of Yoba. It would be more interesting that were some scriptures like the Bible and hymns. I only see Kent, Jodi, Evelyn, and George attending a...
  5. ARDrawsStuff

    Art Some fanart

    it feels so wrong making this it's very own discussion thread lol, i'm used to forums where it's discouraged to do that out of fear of cluttering things. But have an emily art, i'll probably share my WIP portrait mod too once i find the files
  6. Ally Fenz

    Solved (HELP) (Glitch) 2 cut scenes tried to trigger at the same time

    One second Emily was on the porch, and a split second later, Gunther was there. The result for Gunther's cut scene executed, but not Emily's. Is there any way to get Emily to come back? I realize this is vague, but I don't know how to do spoilers here.
  7. BlaDe

    Protecting your machines in the desert on Fall 15

    1.5 included a change that sends Emily to the desert on Fall 15, where she and Sandy walk around different locations in the desert, destroying anything that gets in their way. This is a problem for players who use the desert as their personal factory floor or winery. Players with mass...
  8. Professor Brian O'blivion

    PC [BUG] MIA Spouse (Emily)

    When married to Emily she doesn't return home on Monday's and Friday's, but is home the next morning, Tuesday and Saturday. It's stupid that I found that stressful and annoying, but I did and divorced her.
  9. Proposal was rejected😞 What now?

    Hi! I discovered Stardew Valley a couple weeks ago and I love it, but I have a problem. I gave Emily the Mermaid Pendant and she said something like “I am sorry, I like this.” When I try to get another pendant from the mariner, he doesn’t give me one. He tells me to give it to the person I want...
  10. Grimmer_007

    Emily and clint after player is married to emily

    So I married emily in my game, and the heart events and festival dialogues of clint still do not change, which is weird and creepy. I have seen a lot of people with this problem,so it would be nice if something is done about that.
  11. dolce-elegy

    Art "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Desert Party Final Illustration

    Continuing my brand of forgetting that this forum exists and then remembering that it does ;u;👌✨. Anyways, "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" finally released which means I can finally post my piece for it! Here's my Farmer OC/Player Character, Casimiro (Stardew Valley [Beta] Farmer...
  12. Lewis takes a picture of the newcomer with Emily [Large image]

    A draw that I finished, what do you think? (the username is for Facebook, not Twitter)
  13. iOS [BUG] Can’t trigger Emily cloth cutscene IOS

    How do I get Emily cutscene (IOS) So I’m on mobile and I would love to start tailoring/dying clothes I have downloaded 1.4 and gotten cloth from the desert trader but it is not triggering the cutscene It has been over two weeks now and she has not showed up at my door even though I exit...
  14. blizzy461

    Change Clint's dialogue if you marry Emily

    He keeps hitting on her and while it was funny the first time it's kinda a bit skeezy having him ask me to give my wife gifts and things (and I'm guessing if I get his hearts up his event in the saloon is the same).
  15. cozy

    Art cozy's SDV art thread

    h e n l o a l l i have many stardew-related arts, mostly involving my farmer and elliott. i didn't expect to get into this game as much as i did so i didn't make any Cool OCs like most folks, my farmer's basically just Me, but i still have a lot of fun with her. apologies In Advance for the...
  16. Girloffshore

    New stores (Idea credit to: https://forums.stardewvalley.net/index.php?members/crazyrider1988.300/)

    A user on here had mentioned adding new stores, one of the suggestions was a tailoring shop! I know tailoring has been added already and you are able to buy some clothes, but I thought this could add to the story. -SPOILERS- After closing down joja, I felt bad for taking Shane and Sam’s...