Protecting your machines in the desert on Fall 15


1.5 included a change that sends Emily to the desert on Fall 15, where she and Sandy walk around different locations in the desert, destroying anything that gets in their way.

This is a problem for players who use the desert as their personal factory floor or winery. Players with mass furnaces/kegs/preserves jars/crystalariums etc. can see a lot of their precious machines remorselessly destroyed on Sandy's birthday.

However, there is a way to save your machines.

If an NPC gets blocked by the farmer, the NPC pauses, then remembers they are late and sprint through everything, forgetting about a thing called collision.
I repeat. If an NPC is rushing, they will not destroy anything in their path.

1.5 also allows you to place furniture outside. NPCs do not destroy furniture, and the same pause/rush mechanics apply to furniture.
NPCs get stopped, then rush through furniture in their way.
By strategically placing furniture in key tiles in the desert, you can cause Sandy and Emily to sprint their leisurely stroll in the desert, saving your processing machines.

The screenshot provided has Decorative Bowls placed in the key tiles. Crystal Flooring indicates tiles that can't be saved from the rampage. Either leave them empty or put furniture on them too.

If you want to see these mechanics in action, I have two vods exploring these interactions (including how to lock NPCs in their rooms):
Testing the desert layout.
Exploring NPC rushing and locking them in.