1. PC [BUG] Linux Pulseaudio - Can't Change Sink (output)

    For most pulseaudio applications, you can change the output device. Stardew valley doesn't allow this, so for my streaming setup or if I want only stardew valley to play on, say, my speakers, I have to set the speakers as the default device, launch the game, then change the default device back...
  2. PC [BUG] Linux broken Keyboard-input

    It seems that the linux-version of the game (GOG) comes with a buggy libSDL which causes input-problems on various configurations. I would suggest to updated the shipped SDL-library or use the lib installed by the OS.
  3. PC [BUG] Kubuntu 20.04 Text Issue

    I had just purchased Stardew valley via Steam and was excited when I learned I could play it on linux but it seems as though the text is completely broken or I do not have a Language pack of some sort that I need. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have already tried reinstalling and restarting.
  4. PC [BUG] Cursor glitch on different GNU/Linux distros

    Problems with GNU/Linux version of "Stardew Valley" started when a 1.4 update was released (As far as I noticed). So, there are 3 major bugs that I noticed so far. 1) Glitching cursor. I've seen some other posts about this glitch on the Internet. A black parts of square appears around the...
  5. PC Help/Bug Unviewable area in ultrawide

    When I am at 75 or 80% zoom, the rightmost part of my screen has a black bar. The zoom buttons and notifications button are not selectable, although hovering over the energy bar does give the energy correctly. This happens in fullscreen and in window mode if the window is large enough. The...
  6. PC [BUG] Horse and Fence

    Game info & System -Playing on Ubuntu Mate 20.04. -Using Steam Platform. -Multiplayer Farm. -NO MODs. -NO Beta on steam. System -Lançamento 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) 64-bit -Kernel Linux 5.4.0-29-generic x86_64 -MATE 1.24.0 Hardware -RAM 7,8 -Intel® Core™ i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz × 4 -Mesa DRI...