Your storage chest color coding


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Wow, my color coding is nearly identical to yours, add in LRangerR’s notation of black chest for mining and that’s pretty much a complete list for me. I think I keep my warp totems in a random, strategically placed brown chest with various unused tools though.

When I have say 3 of the same chests colors for minerals (3 grey chests), I will actually sub-organize their contents according to colors of the rainbow within those chests, so maybe red/pink/orange minerals in the first grey chest; yellow, green, blue in the second gray chest; purple, brown, black etc., in the third grey chest. Then I don’t need signs, I just go right to the chest I want lol. Though this sorting may vary somewhat on what colors go into the first, second or third of the same-color chest, depending on what it is I’m sorting.

Some things I just organize by type inside chests of the same color, because that makes more sense. Two levels of color sort works good for me lol.
In my gem/mineral chests... the cheaper minerals go in one chest and the more expensive in another chest. In the expensive chests it goes prismatic shards, gems organized by value and then the expensive minerals by value... and the same goes for the minerals in the other chest.
A number of people have mentioned they use an aesthetic color coding system and not a functional one, which is how I played for years. The reasoning being very consistent for me: I didn't notice you could change Chest colors until someone here mentioned it. Same goes for painting your Farm buildings.

I am a Horse. Because I wear Horse Blinders. Seriously, it's almost weird how I don't notice things*.

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But as I now have too many Farm saves to keep track of, I need those colors to have even a chance of finding things when I switch from one to another.

* With this set of, ahem, capabilities, you can imagine how utterly mystified I was with that new v1.5 content area. I probably would have stopped playing the game if not for the Wiki. That place broke my brain.
Yep, this is it for me too; I can swap between games when something get monotonous in one and still know exactly where things are, regardless of which of the slew of game files I am opening lol. I think also it’s a visual-learner and visual-memory thing for me. My memory generally sucks, but visual recall is still pretty well intact; I have to lean on that as much as possible. 😊

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