1. PC [HELP] Client character transfer

    How to transfer a character of one steam client user to another?
  2. MrRaymeo

    PS4 [HELP] Unable to transfer save from PS4 to PS5

    I download my save file from the PSN cloud to my system storage but am told by SDV that there are no saved games available to load. This Reddit thread seems to point to the same issue occurring for others as well, no matter what method was used to transfer the save file from the PS4 to the PS5...
  3. Moving characters into another hosts game?

    Hi, wondering if its possible to import my single player character into someone already existing ONLINE host game, which ALREADY has 4 characters in there. I want to play on my own a bit and raise some levels, then send my character into my friends existing host game, which I AM NOT THE HOST...
  4. iOS HELP! Game Transfer

    Hey, I just purchased Stardew Valley on the PC. I am trying to transfer a game file from the iPhone version to the PC. It seems I have tried everything, and I still cannot figure out how to do it. I need help transferring the saved file in the iTunes app to another folder (to put it in the...
  5. Android [HELP] transferring game to new mobile device from mobile device

    I'm going from a Samsung Galaxy tablet to a new Samsung Galaxy tab. I figured when I transferred my files to the new one that it would automatically work. I then manually transferred the StardewValley files from my old tablet, but that didn't work either. I'm lost, ha.
  6. Solved Help, bought on google play and now I have an Iphone

    Hello, I purchased the app with my old Android account and recently my employer provided us with IPhones. These phones are our very own to use for both work and personal use. I went to download Stardew Valley on my IPhone and it said I had to pay for it. Do you know a way that I can...