multiplayer game not working

  1. Switch [HELP] Unable to join online coop

    hey guys. me and my partner brought stardew on the switch to play together. we both currently have valid nintendo online subscriptions and are friends on the switch. i have been the one to host in the coop option (yes there is an extra cabin for her to join in game and game options are set to...
  2. Solved Multiplayer down

    Multiplayer seems to be down. My wife and I are trying to play (on PC - Steam) and aren't getting the option to join multiplayer games. We're only getting the option to connect via LAN, and even that isn't working. Several people are reporting this issue on Reddit as well.
  3. Switch [HELP] Cant join farm via online play

    Hello, My friend and I have been playing a farm via online communication for about two weeks now. Suddenly I am no longer able to see it when he hosts and cannot join. How do I fix this?
  4. PC [HELP] Friend can't join multiplayer game (steam)

    My friend and I want nothing more than to be able to play together, but each time i invite her to play a game with me - the "connection failed" error message comes up. We've tried everything that comes up on the web - disabling firewall, reinstalling stardew - etc. None of the solves online seem...
  5. Switch [BUG] Switch Local Co-op Unable to join

    I've seen previous threads on this now but there's no resolution that I can find on any of them nor any noticing from developers on this issue. It seems that if you start a Local Connection game and then ever play the same farm online characters that joined via local connection can never rejoin...
  6. PC [HELP] MacOS - Multiplayer Can't Join Farm

    Hello, I recently saw many threads about MacOS or XBOX can't join the game/farm since Tuesday 8 June 2021. My girlfriend is playing Stardew Valley with Macbook via Steam. What we're facing: My farm is not available for her to join. The "Enter Invite Code" button is missing. Tried joining via...