1. Windows [BUG] Greenhouse wood border seems to impede the growth of mango fruit trees

    I am trying to grow mango fruit trees in the greenhouse. I decided to plant my mango trees in the red and green-circled areas below. According to the wiki, I wanted to minimize the number of iridium sprinklers in the planting area, so one of the configurations involved putting an iridium...
  2. Windows BUG: Greenhouse "ornaments" seem to impede banana tree growth

    I was trying to grow banana trees in the greenhouse. Based on the Stardew Valley wiki, there are 18 spots in which I can grow fruit trees. I decided to grow my banana trees on the green and red circled areas. However, the game mentioned for the past 3 nights "Your banana tree failed to grow...
  3. Yill_

    Coding Help i spawn at the wrong place

    hi, i made a mod that expands the greenhouse. hence the place the door has been chenged. now when i click the green house door, i spawn at the wrong place and not infront of the door. i dont know how to fix this. maybe i need to add invisble barriers, or like a certain place(cords) to spawn...
  4. Yill_

    I am new to modding, and need gelp

    I am very new to modding. This is my first mod I am going to make. But I don't know where to start. I followed the steps in the "how to make a mod" forum. I already have a bigger celler, I want to make one that makes the green house bigger. But I can't seem to find one that has what I want...
  5. MissDandy

    Late Game Greenhouse

    So once you've finished all the main game objectives and built your empire from the ground up selling parsnips and corn, do you use the greenhouse for monetary purposes or leisurely purpose? I thought that it might not be the biggest deal if it's not packed with ancient fruit, so I filled mine...
  6. Solved Help! Change Cabin type mod broke my Greenhouse!

    Me and my boyfriend got Change Cabin Type mod a few weeks ago ( ) and the default F12 keybind changes the starting cabin buildings. However it is also the same key to take steam screenshots. When I was taking a screenshot of my bf's character...
  7. Deleting the Greenhouse

    Playing Stardew for the... 5th time? Can't honestly remember any longer. This time through, I've decided to add a fun little restriction: I can't plant anything. Currently in Winter 1 trying to get my 4th slime hutch up and running. Now, that being said, there's this ruined building on my...
  8. Android Cannot move repaired Greenhouse on Android!

    I can't move the repaired Greenhouse like the other buildings when playing on Android. The building is not selectable in the "Move buildings" view like the other structures. No mods, playing on Android with version
  9. PC [BUG] Equipment in greenhouse is not counted and analyzed in Farm Computer

    Ready or not, equipment in greenhouse is ignored in the report.
  10. mirnamika

    Solved Modded game - Greenhouse error

    Hi! Don't know if this is my game only but when I try to move the greenhouse the place under it is an unusable block. If anyone has an issue like this, please help :sweat: (not talking about the trees, just the block that was under the greenhouse originally)
  11. Solved Need help about a TMX Loader Mod

    Hello everyone! I don't know if it's the good section to post my thread and if not i'm so sorry 🥺 So I play with Seven's Greenhouse for a while now (link : i love this mod Seven did an amazing Greenhouse interior but this mod works only with TMX...
  12. Issue Hi, I'm new here, lol... Help!

    I recently applied a mod to my game and now I have no access into my greenhouse. Any suggestions on how to fix that? Or do I need to remove the mod?
  13. PC [BUG] GreenHouse Door Issues

    So I haven't been able to access my greenhouse for a while now, the door just does not work. It appears that the tiles and door to enter are unreachable. (I do use mods, but have now uninstalled them and the issue did not resolve. The picture below is back from when I had the mods on.) Here...
  14. Switch [BUG] Light

    The light ring don't work in greenhouse
  15. PC [BUG] - Entering Mid-Game Building - Eating Food - Minor Bug

    Sorry for the confusing tag. There is no specific OSX tag, but I assume PC is the closest rather than iOS. Noticed a very small bug on Stardew Valley running on OSX 10.15.3 through Steam. I ate a Spicy Eel at the exact moment that I entered the greenhouse in mid-winter year 2, between the 11th...
  16. Solved [BUG] Fruit Tree not able to grow?

    Hi! So prior to the 1.5 update I planted a peach tree next to my greenhouse, It was growing no problem. As you can see in the photo below, underneath my character, the peach tree is at the 7 day growing phase But I loaded the game recently and I keep getting the "Your peach tree was unable to...
  17. Solved [BUG] Cant enter the greenhouse

    Hi. I have issue with greenhouse. I cant enter it and i saw that the stone entrance should be in front of the door. I dont use any mods and i tried reinstal the game and verify files on steam and nothing helped. I also try to move the greenhouse and it didnt help too. Maybe it is, because i...
  18. Crops in Greenhouse

    I just unlocked the greenhouse and was wondering which crops I should grow there. I already have an ancient seed growing(I'll be using the seed maker to multiply them). Do you think I should just expand on ancient seeds or also mix some coffee, blueberries, and a few rare seeds?
  19. PC [BUG] in Greenhouse

    do any of you have such a problem too? I can't get into the greenhouse, I can't even move with greenhouse. uninstall and uninstall does not work. Thanks 😇
  20. How does Speed-Gro affect Greenhouse crops in between seasons?

    I'm currently 4 days from Winter Y1 and just gained access to the Greenhouse and want to plant a bunch of Starfruit using deluxe/normal speed grow. I know that any fertilizer applied before a season change (in GH) will disappear if the plant in question isn't native to the following season. That...