1. Custom Cask Mod (Cask Anything)

    Hai hai, I have the Custom Cask mod, and I want to be able to add pretty much anything (juice, crops, pickled ___). The creator said it is possible and explained how....but I am terrible at changing .config logs! Is there anyone who has already done this? Or can make an expanded list? I'd be so...
  2. MissDandy

    Switch Can't Harvest Crops Correctly

    Decided to take a break from my Mac and play a bit on the switch. I have a farm where I went a little crazy and turned all of Ginger Island into an Ancient Fruit field, 600+ plants. Today I went to go harvest them all, and when doing so I usually mentally divide the field into rows of three...
  3. MissDandy

    Late Game Greenhouse

    So once you've finished all the main game objectives and built your empire from the ground up selling parsnips and corn, do you use the greenhouse for monetary purposes or leisurely purpose? I thought that it might not be the biggest deal if it's not packed with ancient fruit, so I filled mine...
  4. scruggaluggs

    WIP Stardew Garden Markers for my IRL garden!

    Finally finished my first set of Stardew Valley plant tags! They’re not perfect, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. They are 3D printed and about 4 inches tall and painted with some acrylic model paint. The designs are mostly pulled from the game Stardew Valley, but some (like the...
  5. Tukis J

    Give some long-term worth to the less valuable crops 🍇🍎(Jam and Salsa Master)🍅🧅(Yogurt)✨(MnMnM)✨

    -In the late game, it is kind of sad that in the long-term part of the game that so many crops are put to the side of the most valuable crops like ancient fruit, same is with jelly being replaced by wine but I think I have a solution :lightbulb:for that. -How about after the player shipped...
  6. Solved Crops wouldn't be withered when season changes

    On the last day of Spring, I put parsnip seeds and spring wild seeds into the soil to keep the arable lands. And then I went to Summer, the crops aren't be withered, they are alive.:flushed: Maybe I should keep them to see what the outcome is it :grin: hahaha just joking I need help pls...
  7. Quirinea

    PC [BUG] Farm computer does not recognize that fiber seeds do not require watering

    As it says. All my crops are watered by sprinklers save the area for rice at rivershore. I made a batch of fiber seeds and planted them in the "rice area". And next morning I had "four unwatered crops" according to the farm computer.
  8. cinemack

    Giant Rhubarb Plant?

    Melons, Cauliflower and Pumpkins are all good and well but today I went hiking and found a rhubarb plant the size of my couch so I think it would be really fun to see rhubarb join the giant crops. Bonus: Maybe the giant version also drops "Giant Leaf" when harvested. People make really cool art...
  9. PC [BUG] Crops disappear randomly

    I'm having an issue where planted crops vanish overnight. It's just one or two crops disappearing seemingly randomly leaving nothing behind. It's happening on both the home farm and the Ginger Island farm and even once in the greenhouse, so I am confident it is not an issue with scarecrow...
  10. Raffadax

    Raffadax Complete Production 3.1

    - - NEW WEAPONS - - - 60+ Divine Weapons available in Volcano Forge using difficult-to-obtain "Divine Libations" as trade.
  11. PC [BUG] 1.5 Spouse watering

    Spouse watering crops isn't working on beach farm. Screens below. Mods: Content patcher SMAPI Seasonal Outfuits
  12. PC [BUG] [Mac/Steam] Deluxe Retaining Soil not working

    it says it has a 100% chance to stay watered, but so far for me it hasn't retained water at all. I received the fertilizer from a beach crate. This happens both inside in a garden pot (cactus seeds) and outside on the beach soil (fairy rose seeds).
  13. Jack Of Shades

    Community Question: Favorite Crop?

    Hello! Jack Of Shades, sage and owner of Trium farms here, asking the all important questions to the community! So here it is: What's your favorite crop? Why is it your favorite crop? Does it bring you happy memories from your past? Or does it fill your pockets with money to better your...
  14. kdau

    SMAPI Cropbeasts 2.0.0

    Cropbeasts a Stardew Valley mod by kdau Why just harvest your crops when you could do battle with them? Cropbeasts are crops cursed by the witch that turn into monsters on your farm. After you defeat them, you get the original harvest and maybe something extra. Game: Stardew Valley 1.5+...
  15. Android [BUG] Crops keep disappearing

    Morning I noticed one block just went blank then at night 2 more just disappeared :( Not big issue yet but I don't want my future ancient plants to disappear
  16. kdau

    WIP Cropbeasts: open beta, testers wanted

    Why just harvest your crops when you could do battle with them? Cropbeasts are crops cursed by the witch that turn into monsters on your farm. After you defeat them, you get the original harvest and maybe something extra. All base game fruit and vegetable crops (except fruit trees) have...