1. Solved [HELP] Clint doesn't return tools

    The watering can and pickaxe have not been returned by Clint when upgraded. Really frustrating because we've got 85 hours invested in the farm! We can probably manage without the watering can but definitely not without the pickaxe. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Switch [BUG] Coop Issues on Four Corners Map

    I'm currently the only player on a 4 corners/multiplayer map, and I'm having issues with the Coop. Anytime I exit the coop, I come out of the greenhouse - even though it's not been rebuilt, yet. I was living with it, but now it seems that though I could upgrade to the Big Coop, I cannot upgrade...
  3. 1313e

    Prismatic Tools (endgame tool upgrades)

    Hello everyone, I have been playing this game for about 350-400 hours now, and absolutely love it. So, I am starting this post by thanking everyone (especially CA) that has contributed to the game. Having said that, I have been thinking lately about a few things that I feel like are missing...
  4. Switch [BUG] House upgrade placed furniture on top of character

    Hiya, Running in to a similar issue described in threads like this, namely: 1. had a house plant next to my bed 2. upgraded house 3. woke up to find house plant occupying the same tile as my character when they wake up This means I'm unable to move, or even go back to sleep. Troubleshooting...
  5. rocketbuch

    Mobile [HELP] Upgrading Cellar doesn’t work. Upgrading barns and coops are lost too

    I paid 100k coins to upgrade my Farmhouse with a cellar. I couldnt find the entrance. When I went back to Robin, I can only shop and not upgrade. I’m playing using Stardew Valley mobile. Please help. Thank you!