What are you currently playing?


I started to play the Warface game. Pretty cool actually.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes a "pay to win" game, but most of the time skill is ruling the world. But if you will decide to donate to the game -- please (my warning to you) do not use a Paypal. They have some conflicts and you will wait more than two days to receive your premium value on your account. IMO it is better to use another programm. At least it is stable and very fast service which will immediately help. Just for real.
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Nunnya business

I have been playing a lot of black ops Cold War. I would enjoy it more if it weren't for sbmm, considering I'm in the top 30% in k/d ratio...
I've traded a few games around. I'm still playing Elder Scrolls Online, though not as in depth right now due to the grind. I have switched out PSO 2 NGS (which is a great game btw) with Dark Souls 3. I haven't played this game in 5 years and it's fun to slightly remember things then "rediscover" them again i.e. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley the first time you make it there (what a view!).

I've also rediscovered how brutal the game can be if you make a mistake (I'm looking at you Boreal Dancer Knights or whatever you are :grin: ).

Additionally, I am eagerly awaiting Samurai Warriors 5 which will be released next Tuesday! Woot!

Lew Zealand

July 2021 update:

Stardew Valley (you should try this one, it's pretty OK)
Minecraft (new 1.18 Ex is fun)
Borderlands 2 (runs on a Potato, I grew one on the farm to confirm this report)
DOOM (this is Doom. so, Doom)
Forza Horizon 4 (drivey, funny, zoomy, crashy, rinse, repeat)
Raft (kill Shark, grab stuff, build more Raft, Bear kill you, Paint something!)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Mmmmmmm puzzle goodness.... but maybe too much shooty)
Rocket League (how does 1,000 hours doing the same thing continue to be so much fun?)

and more stuff as attention deficit something needbigger screen to holdall gameicons
Stardew has me thinking retro, so the old Legend of Zelda games again. Plus wonderbox on Apple Arcade (inspired by Minecraft) and checking out Fantasian also on Arcade.
Assuming you have a Switch, have you picked up the Skyward Sword re-release/remake? I hear you can actually play without the motion controls and it works well (Source - one of my best friends who rarely games played it all day this past Saturday and enjoyed herself thoroughly with no complications). That may help you get back into that retro phase while keeping a foot in the modern side as well.

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