Today I learned...

Lenora Rose

I was late realising you could hold down the mouse button and run through all your animals and pet them with one action, instead of clicking on each one individually. And it was only after learning that that I started doing it with planting and harvesting of crops... felt a right fool because it saves so much time. And I already knew about the click and hold to hoe and water...
I don't know if I learned something from or about the game today, I don't really learn new things often, though when I do I treasure them, I loved the feeling of finding and incorporating something new I found into my gameplay, now I just sit and play the same things, the discovery is such a fun and beautiful thing, I miss it.

Lew Zealand

Local Legend
I learned that if you're away from the game for a year, you forget everything. Oh well, I've got a farm to run and updates to check out...


Is that a promise? I'll forget *everything*???

So I get that new user experience again?

That. Would. Be. Awesome!

But a whole year.....