Phone: iPhone 13 Pro on iOS 16.1.1

Issue 1: When loading a saved game (save backup, close, reopen, pickup from where I left off mid-day), the toolbar size defaults to a large size. The setting stays at 65, but visually it’s much larger. I have to change to a different value then back to 65 for it to take.

Issue 2: Every cutscene is super zoomed out. After the cutscene, the zoom level stays super zoomed out and I have to zoom back in.


Hi there, please find the bug below:

Bug: App crashes after continuing where user left off and I can't create a new saves

Type of phone:
Moto G8 Play (Android 10)

Details of issue: even when it opens the game closes by itself


I am now unable to listen to a podcast while playing the game. The game freezes when I turn on the podcast.
iPhone 14, iOS 16
Bug: EEEEEREREREEERREREEEE (fishing pole sounds)
Cant post video, description obvious enough (I wasn’t fishing it played after I stopped and didn’t stop until I refreshed)


Type of phone: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Details of your issue: Taking high damage from weak enemies. e.g. Slimes at level 15 of regular mines will deal 25-30 damage per hit. No debuffs on character, wearing space boots. Has been going on for at least 1 season, move from winter1 to spring2 has not fixed. Dying in game doesn't fix either. Consistently happens every day. Did not happen at start of game.
Screenshots/video: Can provide if needed
On the day of your issue, did you load your game through the Load Game menu (you wake up in the bed)? Or was it an "emergency load" (i.e. one where you start mid-day wherever you left off)? Happens on either load setting
Any other info that might be relevant: (additional details that maybe don't fit in the main issue or something you think might be related) makes combat and mine diving essentially unplayable, as health disappears in a couple of seconds if repeatedly hit. Also experiencing bug where certain tiles are not clickable (e.g. Unable to dig artifacts up, Community Bundle sometimes not clickable)


Phone: Poco X3 Pro


Details of bug: when you drink/eat a food, I can't see the duration and description of the buff when I tap the buff logo, it just flickers


Using Galaxy Tab S5E. Having trouble interacting with Robin!
Some of my Potted plants in green house can't be Interacted with.
Please help!


Type of phone: Google Pixel 5, Android 13 Beta QPR2 (build T2B2.221216.008)
Details of your issue: Pam won't let me get on the bus
On the day of your issue, did you load your game through the Load Game menu (you wake up in the bed)? Or was it an "emergency load" (i.e. one where you start mid-day wherever you left off)? Load Game
Any other info that might be relevant: Pathing is slightly messed up if you buy a ticket from the top side of the machine.



I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 10

Issue: Magnetism has reduced after combining iridium band with other ring.

I've combined my iridium ring with slime charmer ring. I noticed that the ring didn't attract stuff as strong as before combining them. I've made a recording of it where I'm using the combined ring vs the uncombined one. They seems like no different in the video but I'm confident that I felt it has been reduced because I've been using it all the time to notice it.

I've googled this issue on Reddit. I found that this happened before in PC version. The issue was with mod but I didn't use any. The thread said that there is a way around it where they need to sleep without wearing it. I'll try this soon and provide update later.




Phone: Google Pixel 6
Android 13
Stardew Version

When I have a partial stack of items in my inventory and move enough items to surpass 999 from a chest to my inventory, the items exceeding 999 are deleted. I encountered this when I had 124 sap in my inventory and then tapped a stack of 999 sap from my chest to my inventory to craft some fertilizer, and I lost the 124 sap I had originally had. There was only 999 sap in my inventory, and none in my chest.

I attempted the same with wood and stone, and every time I moved an amount from my chest to my inventory that caused my inventory to exceed 999 of the item, the excess was gone.
iPhone 11 (iOS)
1/26/23 1:45am
After a new update I can no longer listen to music or a podcast while playing. In the past I have been able to play through the opening credits and then start my music or podcast. Now whenever I turn my podcast back on stardew will freeze entirely until I exit out and turn off any sound.
I love playing while listening to something else, it’s so relaxing and cozy. I don’t want to choose between my audio and playing. Thank you so much!!


Type of phone: iPhone 14 pro max
Details of your issue: the game keep freezing when I play music and start the game. Before it was doing fine I had no issue but since the update it keep freezing on me when I play my music.
Screenshots/video: I have a video but it doesn’t let me share it.
On the day of your issue, did you load your game through the Load Game menu (you wake up in the bed)? Or was it an "emergency load" (i.e. one where you start mid-day wherever you left off)?
I start the game where I left off. But it happen both ways.
Any other info that might be relevant:
once the game is frozen with my music I stop the music and slide up go to a different app and go back to the game and it work fine back to normal. Once my music start playing it freezes again.


Phone: Poco X3 Pro


This is the extension of the "I can harvest the caviar from the 3rd pond from the right even if I'm not touching it" bug.

This time I can "remotely" harvest caviar even if I'm behind an iron fence.


Type of phone: IPad. IOS 15.6
Details of your issue: 1/25-1/26. Constantly crash during normal game play. I would be walking and it would crash,
Screenshots/video: (highly encouraged)
On the day of your issue, did you load your game through the Load Game menu (you wake up in the bed)? Or was it an "emergency load" (i.e. one where you start mid-day wherever you left off)? Loaded from game menu
Since I adjusted my toolbar size (menu tab "controller"), the game kinda forgets it everytime I load the savegame. I need to open the menu and click on the controller tab once - nothing more. When I close the menu, the toolbar has the correct size again.
I’m also seeing this issue and wanted to add more detail. The settings menu remembers what size I chose for the toolbar but when I load a game (both from the load menu and from the emergency save) visually the toolbar is set back at size 80 (the new default?) and I must tap the setting bar to get the game to recognise my setting. The date and time panel behaves more consistently (even though it’s new default is an outrageous 161).

Type of phone: iPhone 11 iOS 16.1.2 (running Stardew Valley version

loaded from game menu after changing settings


the settings I chose before re-loading from game menu are still present. Inventory will go back to size 50 after tapping or sliding-then-resetting-to-50.