1.5 Update Reactions Thread

The update is finally out! You can check the changelog here: https://www.stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-5-update-out-now-on-pc/

What are your first impressions? Things you're excited about? Anything unexpected?
I adore it! The new content is the best, especially the painting of the house and buildings! Something thats really funny to me is that I had one of my windows in the exact spot one of the additional rooms doorways goes and its now a window on like a support beam. It makes it feel like a magic mirror instead! I can’t actually move the window anymore but I don’t really want to so it’s okay.


I love Leo. He is adorable. That said, I am questioning the sanity of certain Stardew valley residents and their seeming lack of concern. Then again, these are the same people who are perfectly okay with leaving newborns home alone so they can go watch luminescent jellyfish so I shouldn't be surprised.


What the heck is that new box in Pierre's
It's related to new 1.5 content, and when it is relevant it'll be really clear what it is for. (Soonest it will be relevant is Fall Year 1.) There are other small changes here and there, related to things you'll get to eventually too. This is just one that stands out more than others.


I can't wait until the update is available for the android so I can start using the cheat mod on the android... For some reason it says I need the update to mod. But on my Computer and my PS4 I have been loving the game.


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Nice to meet you! I think everyone is already enjoying ver1.5, but PS4 still can only play 1.4. I hope you can play ver1.5 as soon as possible.


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I'm not 100% certain. I just know that it should be available for consoles per this announcement thread: LINK. Perhaps Odin or Magically Clueless know more and could help you out?
Unfortunately the Japanese physical release of the game is always a bit slow to receive updates, but it will get them. I don't know what the specific problem is with this version of the game, but it happens for every update.
Unfortunately the Japanese physical release of the game is always a bit slow to receive updates, but it will get them. I don't know what the specific problem is with this version of the game, but it happens for every update.
Thank you for reply.I will wait patiently for the time being. But I want to play as soon as possible!


I am soooo late on playing the 1.5 update but so far I'm loving everything!!! I just made a new beach farm last night (ehem, and modded it so I could put sprinklers on the sand because let's the real, the farm is cute and I love the idea but as someone that wants to grow crops as a main money maker it wasn't gonna work LOL) and I really love how it freshens things up,
I saw a streamer on Twitch get to the new island and I really wanna go to it now too because it looks so cool but saw you have to complete the community center and without cheats that's gonna take me a million years 😂. It looks like the golden walnuts (?) are hard to come by though so I think that'll add longevity to the game.

Also I love the profit margin changer when you make a new farm. I get so bored by the beginning of year 2 because I'm swimming in cash and have nothing to work for anymore, so increasing the profit margin is defo making things a lot harder and more satisfying.

Also loving the new building property on the farm! No one spoil me for what it turns into lol but I can't wait to give Robin all the materials and finish it to see what it turns into.


Just wanted to check in and say that while I was kind of ambivalent about a lot of the additions and new content, that was more from my initial reactions playing off of a five year farm that already had a golden clock on it and just wanting that to be "complete".

Now that I've started up a new farm played solely with the 1.5 content, I'm liking it all more than before. The special request board seems to be introduced at just the right time as you fall into rhythm otherwise, and keeping up with them while working on your other objectives/CC adds another layer of newness. Making the choice between ginger island and skull cavern feels a lot more impactful when you don't have everything else just yet either. Also, beach farm is totally broken despite the limitations (rainbow shells and nautilus spawning off-season? My sturgeon pond was the first to reach full population because of that, nutty stuff!)


I was really looking forward to this. I have never been so happy to try something new. I am delighted with the new type of farm