1. BrotherHawkins

    Xbox XBox - Transfer Saves Between Profiles

    Is there any way to transfer a game save on XBox under one user profile to another?
  2. Xbox 5 Achievements Failed to Unlock

    Title basically says it all. I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into this save over the years and the following achievements failed to unlock on Xbox: - Networking (but I have "Popular" and I own the Santa Hat) - Gourmet Chef (I own the Archer's Cap) - Full Shipment (I own the Goblin Mask) -...
  3. The Beloved Farmer Xbox Achievement Glitch / Bug

    I now have 10 villagers at 10 hearts and I have not unlocked this achievement. I have had no issues popping achievements until this one. I have done a ton of research between TrueAchievements, Reddit & this forum and there is a trend of random xbox achievements just not unlocking as of 2022 when...
  4. Windows How can I transfer my Xbox Game Pass achievements to Steam?

    Hello! I was playing a lot of Stardew Valley on Xbox Game Pass but I stopped paying for the subscription and bought the game on Steam now that it was on sale. Luckily, the saves come out the same without having to touch anything and i can play with no problem, but my question is: How do I get...
  5. Duplicating Xbox 2023 solo

    How can I duplicate on Stardew valley on Xbox in 2023 solo.
  6. PC Looking for someone to play for on Xbox or PC!

    Just a lonely guy looking for a chill, long-term farm with someone on either Xbox or PC <3 My discord is Thadd#8030
  7. Windows save from xcloud to steam

    is there some method to transfer a save from xcloud ( xbox game pass ultimate ) for my steam? i have 3 saves at xbox, more than 200 hours and my xbox signature was gone and i have the game in my steam so i want to transfer the save. ( im brazilian sorry for my english. )
  8. Question Mods for Console?

    Hello! Given the fact that the 1.6 update is largely mod focused I have to wonder if CA might be able to one day work with the developers of some of the more popular mods to make their additions to the game available to console players? Of course it's not possible to outright *mod* a console...
  9. PS4 Duplication Glitch coop [Xbox PS4 Switch]

    Place an item on a table then spam [a] with both players to duplicate. Please improve cincronization in co-op mod.
  10. T1nycarrot

    Didn’t receive the Golden Walnuts during pirate quest?

    Hi all, I completed the pirate quest on Ginger Island and got the fairy dust recipe but didn’t get the 5 golden walnuts? I’m on Xbox can anyone help? Thanks.
  11. fieldsandflowers

    What system should I buy to play 4-player split screen at 4k?

    I had a small media center computer, but it has trouble playing 4-player split screen co-op. I tried on a i7 laptop with a 4GB 5300M in it and it could not handle it either. There was a lot of lagging, maybe 10fps or so. I bought stardew valley for switch - but it only supports 2 player split...
  12. Xbox character belongs to another player

    Hi I know this isn’t a bug but my girlfriend and i were playing coop on my console and we wanted to play online at home with her mum, she loaded her mums account and the account her mum has is using my girlfriends save, she’s then loaded her account and tried joining now it’s saying player...
  13. Windows I Played Stardew Valley on XBOX Gamepass and I decided to buy it on steam but I can´t

    So, me and my girlfriend decided to try out this game when we had the XBOX Gamepass. We love'd it, we played it all the time, we were in the 4th year (in-game) and the gamepass ended so we decided to buy on steam. She was the host of the world, she opened it and it was still there, she could...
  14. Windows need help for porting from Xbox game pass to Steam

    Me and a Friend were playing stardew valley for free because it was in the Game pass where it was 1€ for a month, now we wanted to port over to Steam. The problem lies that when she hosts and i try to join, it says that my character doesnt belong to me. We tried a couple of things to try and...
  15. Windows [HELP] Gamepad Situation

    hello everyone pls i need help quickly. when i plug my gamepad the game will crashes. I dont know what can i do i need help quickly please
  16. Xbox Game freezes every time I try to put chicken in the coop

    So I built a coop, and when I buy a chicken and try to put it in the coop the game freezes dead every single time. Tried relocating the coop, changing dates etc, nothing helps. I don't want to start the game from scratch, please help what I can do here? It's on Xbox Series S.
  17. Xbox Cannot make new game

    Hi y’all. So my first game was a co op. I made the game just fine. When it came time to name a dog, the game froze anytime I tried to click in the box to type. I just had to go with default. Now I’m trying to make a new single player game. I cannot start it because the ‘Name’, ‘Farm Name’, and...
  18. PC Looking for 3 Players. PC/Xbox (either are fine with me)

    Hello friends, I'm trying to start new farm. Haven't played this game for a years already. I'm 19 years old looking to find people 17+ years old to play on brand new farm. I even missed new updates. I can do either PC or Xbox. Just hit me up on my discord TuxedoKamen29#9618 and I will send...
  19. darkKiller6726

    Xbox Bug In multiplayer when you dc after completing a quest.

    Was playing on my friends world and completed Qi’s quest to obtain the casino keycard. As I bought chips the game crashed for me only. My friends were still on the world so I could just come back. I rejoin and it says I have the quest complete, and the bouncer is no longer there but I don’t have...
  20. Game state on Xbox ...

    Hey ive got a question will there be a Update to 1.5.6 on Xbox cause we still are on an that was updated Feb. 2021 so we are almost a year behind the PC Version .. so i think It s about time. Secondly there is and will be no way to use mods on Xbox or PS4/5 so what can we await as a real...