1. Xbox Xbox version doesn't allow full-farm screenshots

    In other console versions there is a "screenshot" button at the end of the options menu that allows you to take a full-farm screenshot. This button does not exist on the Xbox version
  2. Xbox All crops dead on Ginger Island

    I read on alot of sites that you can plant crops on Ginger island any season with no issues. So, I planted a ton of starfruit during the winter season but the next day they were dead. I have no idea why? Was it a glitch or am I missing something? I am on Xbox so I don't know if that could effect...
  3. Xbox Worlds not found in game :(

    So recently my friend wanted to try out stardew so I offered them my account to try as I have it on xbox game pass. Prior to this I had factory reset my PC. Just last night, I downloaded the game again on my xbox account to see no worlds in sight! My friend can see my world with access to save...
  4. Need Help fixing stardew valley XBOX

    Im trying to play Stardew valley on co-op with my girlfriend but whenever she invites me or I click join, it takes ages to connect then says "connection failed", we have tried everything -both have closed the game -both have turned the Xbox off -both have uninstalled and reinstalled the game -I...
  5. Xbox Return Scepter lost

    Hello guys, after last night, I found out my Return Scepter is lost. I checked the Lost&Found Item Box in Lewis' office, the Juranimo hut, all my chests and also the Auto-Grabber, in case I did put it there. It was nowhere to be found. I know I died in the mines, but the textbox afterwards...
  6. The Xbox controller cannot be connected (Intel chip)

    My Xbox controller is now connected to Mac Bluetooth and can be operated like a mouse, but it cannot be operated when entering the game. Why? I tried to replace a certain file but it didn't work. How can you solve it? :哭:
  7. Streykei

    Reinstalling Smapi into wrong folder???

    Hey there! I'm pretty new to modding and when deciding to play modded Stardew again for the new update, I updated Stardew Valley and began my journey to figuring out how to update my mods and smapi. Through this experience I had found myself in a sticky situation in not really knowing what to...
  8. Xbox Building Demolition Not An Option

    Hello! I am having an issue and I am not sure if jt was designed this way on purpose. I have built 3 cabins on my farm in random places. And now that I have a layout for my riverland farm, I want to tear down those buildings for more space for other buildings I need. The issue is, when I go to...
  9. Mac XboX series X controller issues on Steam - Works fine in BPM but not in-game

    Yes, I know it's not a new issue, and I know there's a lot of previous discussions on the subject but I figured: new update, new discussion lol. Especially since most of the threads mentioning this issue either do not deal with my hardware platform and/or are a few years old. I'm having issues...
  10. ajcorrea

    Windows game pass XBOX x PC GAME PASS not loading linked accounts profiles.

    Hello, My account is the primary of Game Pass (store account). My daughter has it´s account linked to mine. When playing on xbox it´s fine with cloud saves, everyone see their profiles BUT on PC, when she login with her profile, she don´t see your profile but shee sees my profiles...
  11. Xbox No quality bobber recipe

    I completed the big meat quest and watched the cutscene, but I do not have the recipe to craft the quality bobber.
  12. Keegan_

    Xbox Save file glitch

    Last night I closed the game and i wokeup to a connection error i tried opening my file and it showed no name and the base money and time i went inside the game and it was fine but the community center scrolls recet and i only havet the crafstroom scroll and it reset everything in it but i still...
  13. BrotherHawkins

    Xbox XBox - Transfer Saves Between Profiles

    Is there any way to transfer a game save on XBox under one user profile to another?
  14. Xbox 5 Achievements Failed to Unlock

    Title basically says it all. I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into this save over the years and the following achievements failed to unlock on Xbox: - Networking (but I have "Popular" and I own the Santa Hat) - Gourmet Chef (I own the Archer's Cap) - Full Shipment (I own the Goblin Mask) -...
  15. The Beloved Farmer Xbox Achievement Glitch / Bug

    I now have 10 villagers at 10 hearts and I have not unlocked this achievement. I have had no issues popping achievements until this one. I have done a ton of research between TrueAchievements, Reddit & this forum and there is a trend of random xbox achievements just not unlocking as of 2022 when...
  16. Windows How can I transfer my Xbox Game Pass achievements to Steam?

    Hello! I was playing a lot of Stardew Valley on Xbox Game Pass but I stopped paying for the subscription and bought the game on Steam now that it was on sale. Luckily, the saves come out the same without having to touch anything and i can play with no problem, but my question is: How do I get...
  17. Duplicating Xbox 2023 solo

    How can I duplicate on Stardew valley on Xbox in 2023 solo.
  18. PC Looking for someone to play for on Xbox or PC!

    Just a lonely guy looking for a chill, long-term farm with someone on either Xbox or PC <3 My discord is Thadd#8030
  19. Windows save from xcloud to steam

    is there some method to transfer a save from xcloud ( xbox game pass ultimate ) for my steam? i have 3 saves at xbox, more than 200 hours and my xbox signature was gone and i have the game in my steam so i want to transfer the save. ( im brazilian sorry for my english. )
  20. Question Mods for Console?

    Hello! Given the fact that the 1.6 update is largely mod focused I have to wonder if CA might be able to one day work with the developers of some of the more popular mods to make their additions to the game available to console players? Of course it's not possible to outright *mod* a console...