stardew valley

  1. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    Please Sell us some Makeup Palettes 💋💄

    Dear SV, Please collaborate with Colorpop or MakeupRevolution. – make them affordable !!!! These companies always collaborated with Disney, World of Warcraft, Warner Brothers, and Sailor Moon. Sell us some makeup palette!!! Create a makeup palette dedicated to each NPC. Do the exclusive...
  2. Switch [HELP] cannot join friends farm

    every time i get on and try to enter my friends farm it won’t show up. i’ve tried restarting my console, restarting the game, i’ve done so much but his farm is not popping up. can someone please help me?
  3. Keksiin

    Question Help, I just can't get this mod to work

    Hi, everyone :) . Can someone help me with this mod? The deer are simply not displayed in Marie's shop :(. I downloaded the update and put it in the mods folder, just like in the bfav deer folder. But nothing: /
  4. Nunnya business

    What is your most favorite part of stardew valley?

    There could be many reasons why somebody would love stardew valley. Mining, decorating, fishing, farming, friends, or everything about the game itself...
  5. Keksiin

    Question Objects disappear after placement with the TMXL Map-Toolkit

    Hello everyone :) I really need help! Objects placed with the Mapkit tool will disappear after the game is exited and restarted. Unfortunately I don't know what to do. Does anyone know the solution to this problem
  6. Keksiin

    Solved Xnb files are not displayed in the game (solved)

    Hello everyone ☺️. Hope someone can help me. I have xnb files to replace trees. I overwritten them, but unfortunately they are not showing up in the game. Unfortunately I have no idea what it could be.
  7. Keksiin

    Question Need help with this Map :)

    Hello everybody :) . I have a little problem and I need help urgently. I downloaded this map and the associated waterfall tilesheets, but unfortunately I have no idea where to paste these waterfall files. Can someone please explain this to me...
  8. Keksiin

    Question Look for this mod

    Hey :) can anyone of you help me find this mod. Unfortunately :( I can't find it anywhere anymore. CF Who M Möbel - Happy New Year
  9. Keksiin

    Question Look for this mod

    Hello everyone :), I'm looking for the Goat to Deer Mod from Eemie. Unfortunately my search was in vain. Can someone help me?
  10. Solved SMAPI: Stardrop Saloon Error

    Hey, I'm running SMAPI with several mods, with Stardew Valley Expanded and the Bus Stop Extension being the most prominent. But the thing is, every time I enter the Stardrop Saloon, I can't see a thing and I keep getting this kind of error: 10:52:19 ERROR game An error occurred in the base...
  11. Keksiin

    Question Help with Naver Cafe Mod

    Hi everyone, I came across this link at the Naver Cafe. Unfortunately, I can't see it in order to download it. As I cannot join the Stardew Valley Cafe. Can someone help me please? I'm really desperate: '(
  12. [BUG] This mod failed in the GameLoop.UpdateTicked event. Technical details:

    How do I fix this Bug? "This mod failed in the GameLoop.UpdateTicked event. Technical details: StardewModdingAPI.Framework.Exceptions.SContentLoadException: Stardew Valley Expanded - PyTK loaded map 'assets\SpouseRooms\VictorsRoom.tmx' with invalid tilesheet path 'spring_z_extras.png'. The...
  13. Switch Looking for people to play with (preferably 18-)

    Hey! I’m Skyler! I know I already said that I wanted to play on pc but I also have stardew valley on switch and I’ll play there too. I won’t be able to play from around 6:30 pm today (June 20) until about 7:30 pm on Friday (June 25). These times are in the US central time zone. But after then...
  14. WinterYam

    Stardew Cast for Bachelors/Bachelorettes

    My husband and I made "casts" for Stardew to see who we would choose to play the characters. Here's mine. I am pretty bad at remembering actor names, so I will use some character names. XD Sebastian- Jonathan from Stranger Things Alex- Jimmy Gibbler from Fuller House Sam- Mac from new Saved...
  15. PS4 STARDEW?

    Hopefully trying to play with some people. Especially because not many people I know play ut
  16. Question Tileset problem

    Hi. and although I have the problem, I have my own tileset in spring, but how do I get it to activate in winter?
  17. Danieru Dazukii

    PC [Bug] Problem wiht hats pixels in vanilla game

    Hello, I have a problem wiht the game hats where when having them equipped misplaced/replaces pixels and make the hats look weird, I am using the hairstyle number 11 but i dont know if that specific hairstyle is bug or if it can be another thing causing this problem .(I do uses mods but I did...
  18. Danieru Dazukii

    Art I made a portrait of my self as a Stardew Valley Character.

    I made this Portrait of my self as a Stardew Valley Character, I think that for my first Pixal Art Attempt it's pretty good .:happy::stardrop: (I had to put it as a foto I took at my laptop screen since I made it 65×64 so when using it comes out blurry because it's small so for my Fan Art to be...
  19. iridium quality

    What's your favorite part of the game?

    Hi everyone! So I wanted to ask the community a question: What is your favorite part of the game? No, I don't mean mechanics such as fishing or mining. I also am not talking about NPCs or quests or even house upgrades. I'm talking about time! I like to classify my saves (timewise) in three...
  20. Danieru Dazukii

    Be able to have the option enable and disable a hunger feature.

    Helo me and other people like @cafjic202 have the following suggestions and a in post here in the game suggestion there is a post from @cafjic202 talking about this but unfortunately he/she doesn't know English and his/hers post is in Russian so he/she asks me to post in English about this ideas...