stardew valley expanded

  1. Stardew Valley Expanded Error

    please help me SMAPI log parser -
  2. stardew valley expanded not working for some reason

    so every time i try to play stardew valley expanded it does not work here is my log i really hope there is a way to fix this im running stardew valley 1.5.4 and all my mod are up to date except saat which i cant seem to find a newer version...
  3. blackrose_illus

    Issue Grandpa's Farm isn't loading

    Hello! So recently, my friends and I have been playing the expanded mod for a few days now, and everything has been fine, with minor hiccups. But today, when we tried to play, suddenly, the map was set to the original default game map. The rest of the mod seems to work with the characters and...
  4. Issue Stardew Valley Expanded, Black Screen while start new day

    Hello, I've been playing "stardew valley" for a long time and I decided to download the "stardew valley expanded" mod, but every time I start a new day in the game the game screen appears completely black, I don't even see my cursor, I already It happened twice and I don't know how to solve it...
  5. Issue Problem when opening Stardew?

    So I don't know if it's because I'm playing with mods (I am currently playing with the Expanded Mod) but there has been an issue since yesterday. I play Stardew via Steam and Smapi doesn't show any problems with the mods so it's most likely not because of that? So you know when u go over an...
  6. Solved Stardew Valley Expanded Mod won't work [Help?]

    SNAPI: I Play on a Mac and got the game today, after installing all the mods Stardew Valley Expanded needed I Installed SVE only for it to not work. A message appeared in my SMAPI log stating: [SMAPI] Skipped mods [SMAPI]...
  7. Orangestars

    Solved How to make my mod (SVE) ignore the custom audio files since it bugged?

    The only mod I encountered the problem is the Audio API, I've made sure that SVE won't recognize the custom audio since it run well without it by disabling the dependencies to false Except when there's an event that requires custom audio as the bgm I don't really mind playing it without audio...
  8. Schpermann

    Issue black screen after entering local coop.
  9. augusthuhney

    Issue Stardew Valley Expanded not working

    I followed all the instructions on the page and got all the mods unzipped and in the right folder. When I start the game my terminal opens and everything looks like it loads right, Stardew starts up and says I'm playing with mods, but nothing in the game is different than vanilla. I had to...
  10. Issue Error in some mod and Stardew crash?

    Hello, my mods on the 9th of summer of the 2nd year started having several problems at the same time. I can't move to the next day, is there a solution? My SMAPI log: PS: I couldn't attach here directly because the file is too big.
  11. MikiDarlin

    Issue Game Crash _Updated RSV, SVD Expanded, PTYK & TXML

    Yesterday I updated the above-mentioned mods and now my game crashes on loading my save. I've tried everything I can think of. Updated my mods, reinstalled the game and SMAPI. I got the game to run after removing RSV and SDVE, but upon adding them back the same issue cropped up. I will also...
  12. Issue Stardew Valley Expanded Problem

    Hello, I am a Stardew Valley player and I wanted to play modded. I downloaded Stardew Valley Expanded and all of its requirements. Here is my log info: Here is the other one if you need it:
  13. suzacookie

    Issue Stardew Valley Expanded not working

    Hello! Today I've installed mods for the first time. There are issues with two mods: [SMAPI] You can update 2 mods: [SMAPI] Stardew Valley Expanded 1.14.8: [SMAPI] Tia's Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack 1.1.0...
  14. Sharon

    Solved Stardew valley expanded with Ridgeside village mods on Android not loading!

    Has anyone added ridgeside village and Stardew valley expanded before? Because I have a major problem with that. I have followed the steps but my ridgeside village won't work with stardew valley expanded. The stairs are there but there are no villagers in ridgeside village at all. To top it all...
  15. izzyneubs

    Solved SVE and Ridgeside Village not working... Help pls :(

    To start off, I'm a major mod noob and I don't exactly know what I'm doing sometimes, but I managed to get most of my mods to work. So, SVE and RSV are the two mods I really wanted to work, but they won't. I've read that PYTK and TMX are outdated, so I downloaded the unofficial ones (I use...
  16. Issue Spouse eyes don't close when they are sleeping

    So I have expanded and I married with victor, but he don't close his eyes when he's sleeping. I don't know why, anyone can help me to fix this? I also can talk with him, kiss him, even though he's lying down in bed. Looks like he just walks to the bed, just stands there and doesn't sleep.
  17. Issue Uninstalled SVE and crash upon sleeping now

    I disabled SVE and loaded into my game. The console log was fine and only showed me it removed certain things, but upon sleeping I get several errors. I would love to get this figured out as my only other option is enabling the mod again, I don't want to restart. Platform: Windows Game Version...
  18. Solved (solved)Smapi tells me to update

    Hi as you can tell from the title my smapi keeps telling me to update to the newest version even though I already have the 3.12.7 I'm new to modding and I wanted to try the stardew valley expanded mod but the error messages pop up and the game is just vanilla. Here is my smapi log...
  19. Solved SMAPI: Stardrop Saloon Error

    Hey, I'm running SMAPI with several mods, with Stardew Valley Expanded and the Bus Stop Extension being the most prominent. But the thing is, every time I enter the Stardrop Saloon, I can't see a thing and I keep getting this kind of error: 10:52:19 ERROR game An error occurred in the base...
  20. PC Help! Cannot get past loading screen in a multiplayer lobby.

    Hello can anyone please help I cannot get past the loading screen when trying to join a friend and I's Farm. We ended the day and started a new and the error in my Log is what I keep getting after selecting my character to join them. Please help