1. Windows [Emily's ugly outfit gift event

    If you have a full inventory when Emily (married) presents you with the blue outfit and you have a full inventory, you cannot get the outfit without deleting enough items to claim them. If you click "ok" without moving the items, the message that is displayed says that you received the items...
  2. More NPC Roommates as friends instead of marriage

    Hello. I appreciate that the game allows you to romance eligible npcs at your own pace. Sometimes I don't want to to focus on romance but I still would love my favorite characters to come live with me as platonic roommates. Krobus is basically our only choice right now (that's not bad), I just...
  3. fannthewanderer

    Coding Help Hello there! Planning on creating my very own mod

    Hello everyone! I am seeking assistance to create my very own mod (if someone out there is willing to help) context : so me and my girlfriend love playing stardew valley together. we made a lot of save files, tried a lot if things in game (though we play together on console so no modding) but as...
  4. yvvt0379

    Playing Prairie King with Abigail after I marry her?

    After I get married with Abigail, a computer will appear in my house, next to my bedroom. That looks exactly the same as the one in the Pierre's shop, but it's not interactable. What if the player could play Prairie King with her, just like in her 2-heart event?
  5. Mod crash pls help

    hello, I have a problem playing mod, [NPC Adventures] Mod crashed on entry and might not work correctly. Technical details: Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: Can't parse JSON file at D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods\NpcAdventure\config.json. Technical details: Unexpected token...
  6. Improve NPC sprites, or change their design completely?

    Hi, new here. i just was curious if someone, would make a texture pack, would you improve your favorite NPC's sprites by redrawing them in the same position and oufits, or change their clothes and probably face? i think ConcernedApe made them look great, i like his pixel face design, but...
  7. Operator CT02

    Content Patcher Dateable (and marry) Caroline - [Bahasa] 2023-09-12

    About this mod: We have translated and added a new language (Bahasa) to the mod that allows you to date and marry Caroline, with additional interactions, sprites, and events. Is anyone willing to try it out and provide a review? There may be bugs that need fixing. Requirements: - Content...
  8. DancingCrickets

    I am at a complete loss at how NPC scheduling works... Help?

    It's just so strange. I tried forever to make my custom NPC walk anywhere, but he just stood on his spawning tile with his back toward the camera. UNTIL I finally got a schedule to work, where in the spring, he'll walk from the bus stop, to the fountain in town, and back to the bus stop. And...
  9. Yukkiihr

    Coding Help Help Me Please - Json Dialogue File Error

    There's an error in dialogue or strings mod. after I finished translating the mod (Korea to Eng) json file inside folder i18n (old npc to new npc), the file didn't work somehow, for example (No translation: MapStrings.Linus.Room.7) Isn't basically the json file inside i18n didn't work? But...
  10. ValleyGirl

    Android Android Glitch

    I'm in year 6 in my tablet farm and there's an NPC glitch. Marnie, Jas and Shane all walk to the tree where Jas normally skips and just all stand in the same spot every evening. Its impossible to connect with any of them apart from Jas if you click on the spot they're all standing on. Is there...
  11. licherlay

    Negative Hearts

    It would be cool if npc's got negative hearts and there are cutscenes that come with them, idk just a thought
  12. Question Consistent item ID

    I'm looking for some help with fixing up my Context-Sensitive Gift Cursor mod. Basically, it adds an icon to the cursor that will quickly show if an NPC will like an item you've got in hand. It wokrs well in general, but has some issues with nonstandard gift giving, including certain quests...
  13. Android [BUG] Egg festival shop not working

    When I try to click on the shop during the festival, my character proceeds to walk all the way around to talk to NPC going for a long walk around the building. Then after talking to NPC Pierre no shop opens and going all the way back to store face tap on the area below where it says shop...
  14. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    Younger NPC Future Job Theory – Fun Discussion [SPOILER]

    This is a fun thread where we can talk about our younger NPC (Alex, Hailey, Maru, Abigail, Krobus, Jas, Vincent, Sandy, Emily, Leo, maybe Shane)'s the future job or new skillsets in the future. Would you please share your theories and thoughts? Don't forget to give us some explanation. – it...
  15. The more you are friends with a NPC that have a shop, the lower are their prices

    Like you would have a pretty rare item in your wallet, maybe call it the Discount Card, that would make you have a discount at each heart you get with Willy, Marnie, Pierre, Sandy, Robin, the Dwarf, Clint, Gus, and Krobus in their respective shops, the friendlier is the NPC (I don't include the...
  16. Sinkuo

    PC [BUG] Eternal sleep of the npcs

    Hello, I have a big problem with NPC, they sleep all day. It started on the 11th in spring year 1 and I made it on the 15th and the NPCs are still sleeping except, Pierre, Marnie, the grandparents, Jodi, Maurice and Gunther. (it's online) I would like some help to solve this problem.
  17. Nyro

    Issue Custom NPC won't move from starting location (schedule issue?)

    So I'm trying to make a custom NPC, and this is my first time doing so (or really making any mod for Stardew Valley besides just simple sprite editing). Maybe it seems like much to be starting off with an NPC when new to modding, but I was using a tool from NexusMods called "Miss Coriel's NPC...
  18. Multiplayer NPC marriage dialogue

    A problem we're getting on a multiplayer farm with some friends is that, although we're all married if we speak to each others wives they give their bachelorette dialogue. For example, one of my friends married Penny, and if I talk to her while she's standing at his house porch she complains...
  19. Raffadax

    Raffadax Complete Production 3.1

    - - NEW WEAPONS - - - 60+ Divine Weapons available in Volcano Forge using difficult-to-obtain "Divine Libations" as trade.
  20. InfamousBees

    Is there a purpose/reason to date every NPC?

    Beyond seeing their heart events, will I be missing out on any useful content if I don't get to 10 hearts with every bachelor and bachelorette? I mostly mean things like recipes, be it for food or for items. Things like furniture- I know Leah gives some art items, and I know other NPCS seem to...