1. PC [HELP] Game crashing

    so i went on my modded version of my before non-modded multiplayer game just to cheat a single item and now when i try to load that save file it will load for a second and the game will just close itself. i’m worried i might have just messed up the whole game for my friend and i if somebody can...
  2. PC Looking for friends to start a game with (18+)

    Hiiii! I am looking to join some people or start a new world with some people? I would really like someone to teach me about the game as I am utterly clueless, UK is preferred just for times
  3. Switch [HELP] Bugged Parrot Hint?

    Registered just to ask this because I couldn't find anything on it. The Parrot in Leo's hut that gives Golden Walnut hints is constantly saying to me "Hidden in the pages of the journal" I have obtained all journal scrap, and only 3 of them have walnut locations. I have checked all 3 spots over...
  4. PC [HELP] Stardew Valley (Linux/Window) Crash on starting Co-op game as host

    Able to load Stardew Valley. Able to enter Coop Screen loading page. Able to click Coop game as host. After clicking, Stardew Valley crashes within 2seconds. Repeat the process, and crashes as the result. Tested on Linux 20.04 and Window 10 Home. Suspect the game file is corrupted, what is the...
  5. Solved where to find a sturgeon?

    Hi! I don't find any sturgeon, the last I need To complete the community Center? Thanks for helping! Regards Sara-Lou
  6. Blackraven

    Switch [BUG] I'm unable to fix the footbridge on the beach.

    No matter what buttons I press, the game won't let me repair the bridge. I've also included a video of my problem, which you can find here.
  7. Issue {HELP}I can't save game

    Hello Anyone Know How To Fix It?
  8. iOS HELP! I accidentally deleted my saved files after 36 hours of play

    I made so much progress in the game when I accidentally deleted my files. Is there any way to recover them on my iPhone?? I can’t imagine restarting.
  9. PC [HELP] Game crashing on startup v1.5.4

    Game is freezing on first screen then crashing. I've tried the top solutions found through google, and have tried launching via SMAPI but keep having the same issue. Any ideas? Please help :(
  10. Android A rip off

    There's a post on Facebook about a game also named Stardew Valley on the Andriod app store. ConcernedApe, I hope you see this. #
  11. Solved Need help about a TMX Loader Mod

    Hello everyone! I don't know if it's the good section to post my thread and if not i'm so sorry 🥺 So I play with Seven's Greenhouse for a while now (link : i love this mod Seven did an amazing Greenhouse interior but this mod works only with TMX...
  12. PC [HELP] Game crashing getting out of bed

    Steam version, game loads to title screen but resuming saved game (getting out of bed) or starting new game crashes to Desktop. With new game, intro works but after going to sleep, crashes. Fresh install (was installed with mods copied from old PC to new), so have uninstalled from Steam and...
  13. Switch [HELP] Nintendo Switch Local Co-op Problem

    I have been reading that you can play local multiplayer (splitscreen) with up to 4 people, but on my switch it only goes up to 2 players. Is something wrong? Is there anything I can do?
  14. PC [HELP] Stardew Valley keeps crashing when I go mining in co-op

    I've checked the other posts related to this and I don't think I've installed any mods and neither has he. It also only crashes when we go mining.
  15. PC [HELP] Cooked items keep disappearing

    I'm in Year 5 and was heading to the mines so I brought some food, but when I checked my inventory again, it wasn't there. I looked in all the possible chests and places they could be, and I know I didn't eat or sell them. I restarted the game, but then the same thing happened a couple of days...
  16. PC [HELP] Stardew Valley Crashing GPU Drivers - Video_TDR_Failure causing blue screen with RTX 3080 and 5900x

    I'm at a loss with what the root cause could be, and any help would be absolutely amazing. To get it out of the way, my specs are not an issue, I am playing the game on a Ryzen 5900x and an RTX 3080. The game will crash randomly, causing my screen to flicker black, and then ultimately blue...
  17. Solved When I put in my character's name it puts a space in the middle of it (Is this normal?)

    So just today, I restarted my game since I waited too long to fix the community Centre, and I wanted to do it "right" and plus I made some farming mistakes, and would like a do over, but it feels like whenever I attempt to make my character again, they would be this big ugly space between a...
  18. Help with Pierre's prime produce please

    Okay, I know it's not that big of a deal, but I had an issue when trying to do the Pierre's Prime Produce quest. I filled the box with 25 gold veggies I already had and then tried to grow 25 gold to meet both sides of the quest. I didn't grow all 25 and failed the quest, but I couldn't get the...
  19. Can someone answer definitively: is Ginger Island on iOS?

    Noob to the forums. Hello there, from me and my husband Elliot. 😉 I've read articles that claim Ginger Island is available on iOS, and some that says it's coming eventually with no date set. Can someone give me a definitive answer on this please? Finished the bundles (except the fish tank) but...
  20. Android Help me about fishing

    I play the game on my Android phone, nothing happens when I launch the fishing net on sea where is the problem from?