1. PC Request board not working - early game

    I've been trying to play Stardew on my PC versus switch, and I cant seem to accept any requests. It'll let me click it, and then it exits out of the menu without accepting it - its still available and its not in my quests. I've tried googling and following directions but nothings worked - I have...
  2. Solved Elliott 14 heart event not triggering

    its nowhere near a festival. what am I doing wrong? please no spoilers
  3. Issue Game Won't Launch After Downloading Mods

    Hi! I am very new to Stardew Valley on Mac, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I watched some tutorials on how to download mods, and I downloaded probably too many, and now my game will not launch. It will just open up the SMAPI Terminal, load up the log, then nothing. I have pasted my...
  4. Issue Help! I can't load my save, it just sends me back to the main menu screen.

    As the title entails, I can't load my save and just tried about everything. I've changed the _old save files and deleted the the non-_old files, never played on fullscreen to begin with, deleted a mod or two, deleted SMAPI, reinstalled the game, updated mods, everything, and loading a save still...
  5. PC [HELP] Game keeps crashing in the mines, error log in spanish

    Hi, I'm playing on an unkempt PC but I've never had this problem until now: The game keeps crashing in the middle of a desert mine run. It just freezes and after a second it closes. I can restart it and begin the same day again, but it has crashed again 4 times, always in the mines, always...
  6. iOS Advice needed!!

    Does anyone with the 1.5 update (someone who plays not on mobile) know if the lost and found box can recover museum rewards? Because I primarily use mobile I have this late game save file I started and worked on for over a year preparing for the update but I accidentally deleted/lost the “Jade...
  7. S0LLY


    I was married and on year two, but I left my phone on vacation. I was able to get stardew on my new phone since it was the same apple ID but all my data is gone. Is there anyway it can be restored???
  8. Solved Multiplayer down

    Multiplayer seems to be down. My wife and I are trying to play (on PC - Steam) and aren't getting the option to join multiplayer games. We're only getting the option to connect via LAN, and even that isn't working. Several people are reporting this issue on Reddit as well.
  9. iOS [HELP] Save File issues after transfer to Mac

    [Help] I was playing a game on iPad and transferred the save file to Mac. The game on Mac is mostly working well, but there have been odd errors: new horses name would not save; after finishing Community Center, Willy invites me to see his back room, but no cutscene appears; possibly other...
  10. Keksiin

    Question Help, I just can't get this mod to work

    Hi, everyone :) . Can someone help me with this mod? The deer are simply not displayed in Marie's shop :(. I downloaded the update and put it in the mods folder, just like in the bfav deer folder. But nothing: /
  11. Keksiin

    Question Objects disappear after placement with the TMXL Map-Toolkit

    Hello everyone :) I really need help! Objects placed with the Mapkit tool will disappear after the game is exited and restarted. Unfortunately I don't know what to do. Does anyone know the solution to this problem
  12. Keksiin

    Solved Xnb files are not displayed in the game (solved)

    Hello everyone ☺️. Hope someone can help me. I have xnb files to replace trees. I overwritten them, but unfortunately they are not showing up in the game. Unfortunately I have no idea what it could be.
  13. Keksiin

    Question Need help with this Map :)

    Hello everybody :) . I have a little problem and I need help urgently. I downloaded this map and the associated waterfall tilesheets, but unfortunately I have no idea where to paste these waterfall files. Can someone please explain this to me...
  14. PC [HELP] Corrupted File after Alt+F4 and even "_old" don't work

    I've been playing coop with my gf for a few weekends now, we are on the spring of the third year, on the in-game day of the tragedy we did flooring on the farm (more on this later) and I created a bunch of casks and was placing then on the Quarry after blow up the stones, it was past midnight...
  15. Journey of the Prairie King Leftie Switch PLEASE

    Please, I'm begging, can we have a switch to have the shooting keys be the moving keys and the moving keys be the shooting keys, playing this game left handed is nearly impossible for me :grumpy:
  16. PC [BUG] Please replace my crystalariums

    I had my crystalariums in my shed next to my house. I Just went in there and half of my crystalariums were missing. I can't find a clear answer as to why. Please replace them if this is a bug.
  17. PC [HELP] (Mac) Stardew Valley Bugging Out

    First off, I'm using a Macbook Air, with an apple M1 Chip. My initial issue was that after playing the game a few times it either will not load and it will be stuck in the console after saying "NoFpsCap: This feature is not available" The issue I had after that was starting the game but then it...
  18. Solved [SOLVED] Im stuck zoomed in too much

    So, Out of curiosity, I zoomed in my game to max. Now I cant play anymore and cant zoom out. Please help im crying.
  19. Switch [HELP] Skull Cavern

    On the first floor I found a statue with a good scythe which is great but I’ve beaten every single mob in there and have broke every rock and can’t find a way to the second floor. The statue takes me outside the mine ;-;
  20. Switch [BUG] Can't move Banner/Starport Decal or items in front of it.

    I've run into a problem with the Winter banner in the Nursery room. I can't move the banner OR the table/item in front at all (no pickaxe noise either). I first noticed this issue when I placed some Starport decals in the lower room addition and couldn't move them or the furniture in front of...