1. Mac [HELP] I got some wifi, network problem

    I kept getting an error that couldn't connect to Stardew Valley. There was not even an error log because it was impossible to start the connection. But one day, when I turned on Stardew Valley in my office, it turned on without any problem. It seems to be a problem with the wifi network...
  2. Perfectionist Achievement - Crafting 98%

    Hi! I'm running into an issue playing where when I check Mr. Qi's perfection tracker, it shows my crafting recipes made at 98% however, when I use it shows that I have crafted and completed everything. Not sure if it is related but when I use...
  3. Windows [HELP] Can't type in chat unless in Compatibility Mode

    I do not know why this is happening, can anyone help me or tell me why? It only happened after I installed a certain update (I forgot which one, might have been newest one or one before). I want to use the regular mode, but compatibility is the only thing working.
  4. Windows [HELP] Game not starting (Failed to create graphics device!)

    I need help. I've been trieng to fix this problem for two days now. My game is not starting. I press start in the steam lib. but it just doesnt appear and steam switches from "Playing" back to the normal "Play" button. I've checked the error log and the error is in the title. What I've tried so...
  5. Issue Game crashes by starting new day and at Boarding House mine

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me. 1) My game crahses, by loading a new day. Error log says: "An error occurred in the base update loop: System.Exception: Error on new day". I already googled it, but there are so many reasons which this can happen and I don't get it. :sweat: Saving with Mod "Save...
  6. SpyGuyIan

    Windows Unable to move museum pieces under inventory

    I can't figure out how to move the minerals in the below images as they get covered by my inventory every time I try and rearrange them. Is this a bug or is there some other way? Also, anything placed under the "OK" button gets picked up instead of the button being pressed, how do I put stuff...
  7. help! (With warps)

    I need help my changes I made on the town aren't appearing and neither is my warp, and it says the location i made doesn't exist even though the file is in mods, and it has a location name
  8. Issue MOD ERROR (An error occured in the base update loop)

    Hello everyone I'm using google translator to ask for your help, I'm having this error on my smapi and I would like to ask for help. this is the error log smapi: Thanks.
  9. Pyrotrashtic

    Solved [HELP] Cabin Glitch?

    Hello, I've been trying to demolish a cabin for a good few days now. No matter how many times, I can't actually get rid of it, despite it turning red. I'm on PS4 if that helps.
  10. Xbox [HELP] Caviar

    Has anyone had any issues making caviar on Xbox? I have sturgeon roe but when I try to put it in the preserves jar I get a message saying I have to put it in the cellar, but that doesn’t work either. Am I doing something wrong or is it buggy?
  11. Windows [HELP] How can I copy my character from one save to another?

    I wanted to start fresh, but I forgot what values I made on my old character. Is there an easy way to copy it? Ty in advance! :)
  12. Android [BUG] 1.4 additions won't show on mobile and music files problems

    I've been playing the game on mobile (android) and I noticed that the things that were supposed to be added in 1.4 and in 1.4.5 aren't showing in my game like the fish pond, the auto grabber that now works in the coops, the desert trader ecc. even though I have these updates installed. I also...
  13. Issue (Swim Mod) Lower Half Missing When Diving.

    The sprite stays the same as when above water Photo Mod list Photo I'm running the latest version of the game. Link to mod Link
  14. Windows [HELP][BUG] Game crashing multiple times & error log different almost every time

    The frequency of crashes has been increasing during the past week to the point that I can no longer get through a full in-game day. I'm playing a multiplayer game on Steam through LAN, in English, on v1.5.6 with no mods. I haven't been able to identify a single event that triggers the crashes...
  15. R0ttingplague

    Windows [HELP] My save won't open past the load screen after pc unexpectedly crashed

    I was playing the game and my pc unexpectedly crashed and had to restart. I haven't saved the game since i was in the middle of the day. I tried opening my save file again when it won't open past the loading screen. It has happened to me TWICE and i have progressed a lot.. i don't know how to...
  16. dtfireup

    iOS [HELP] Transferring Character From PC to IOS

    Hello, I have recently ran into a problem with mismatched save file versions of the game. The file that I am trying to transfer over to my iPhone appears to be from a 1.5 version of the game. While the app version of the game is still on 1.4. I was wondering if IOS was going to get an update...
  17. Issue Crashed when start a new day

    Hello forum, just say happy new year. and I have trouble when I start a new day. I have bunch of mods in my game and everything was running fine until it crashed upon going to bed. I have no idea what wrong with mods so here is my smapi log.
  18. Solved [HELP] Game not launching.

    Hello there! As the title says, my game doesnt launch. I bought the game on GOG, and tried both launching from their Galaxy app and the Game icon itself. Both dont work. I have a Mac Air M1, 2020 model. The SO is Mac Monterey 12.1. I already did the command input that the troubleshooting guide...
  19. Issue Modded starderw valley save is corrupted (PLEASE HELP)

    my stardew valley save is corrupted and crashes every time i sleep. its modded and multiplayer. Please Help
  20. Windows [HELP] Game Not Opening on Steam

    So I bought and downloaded the game on steam but every time I try to open and play it, it'll say running and immediately close without even opening up a window. I've gone through and done the following but nothing works Re downloaded the game Re starting my computer Validating the files through...