1. PC [BUG] Please replace my crystalariums

    I had my crystalariums in my shed next to my house. I Just went in there and half of my crystalariums were missing. I can't find a clear answer as to why. Please replace them if this is a bug.
  2. PC [HELP] (Mac) Stardew Valley Bugging Out

    First off, I'm using a Macbook Air, with an apple M1 Chip. My initial issue was that after playing the game a few times it either will not load and it will be stuck in the console after saying "NoFpsCap: This feature is not available" The issue I had after that was starting the game but then it...
  3. Solved [SOLVED] Im stuck zoomed in too much

    So, Out of curiosity, I zoomed in my game to max. Now I cant play anymore and cant zoom out. Please help im crying.
  4. Switch [HELP] Skull Cavern

    On the first floor I found a statue with a good scythe which is great but I’ve beaten every single mob in there and have broke every rock and can’t find a way to the second floor. The statue takes me outside the mine ;-;
  5. Switch [BUG] Can't move Banner/Starport Decal or items in front of it.

    I've run into a problem with the Winter banner in the Nursery room. I can't move the banner OR the table/item in front at all (no pickaxe noise either). I first noticed this issue when I placed some Starport decals in the lower room addition and couldn't move them or the furniture in front of...
  6. Xbox Help

    So my game crashed when I went to sleep and then when I came back the farm was not allowed in the multiplayer but was in the load screen but it was all blanked out no name no money no time how do I get it back cause it was me and my gf farm
  7. PC [HELP] Game Closes Out When I Select A Save File

    Hey y'all. This is my first post here! Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place or I'm missing some obvious fix - I looked and did my best but there's so much to sort through, so I'm sorry if I missed anything! I haven't played SDV in maybe a month, but last night I just tried to get...
  8. Switch [HELP] Birdie won't talk

    Birdie did not give the item to start the quest pirates wife and she will not talk to me now any thoughts
  9. Pet animals on Mac?

    Hi everyone, I've had a look for the answer to this but I can't find anything...can anyone help me? I'm wondering how I can pet animals on my MacBook keyboard? I've tried lots of different options but can't work it out! Thanks
  10. Solved Willi's mail confusion

    I have completed community bundles and it was supposed to get a mail from Willi about his boat. But I didn't recieved it yet. Will it come any day later and should wait or is anything else to be done?
  11. Solved Help: Treasure chest selling

    Can anyone please tell me where to sell treasure chest to get that 5000gold. I tried at several shops but I can't do it.
  12. PS4 [BUG] Walnut tracker is stuck on 129/130

    I play on PS4 and I have verified that I have collected all the walnuts and it still says 129/130. Does anyone know how I can fix it or if it's going to be fixed soon?
  13. erk

    Android Help: game is offset

    I have to tap to the right of whatever button I need to hit, space to walk in, or object to interact with. It started as soon as I entered character creation and continued when I started the game. I tried switching control schemes and different padding levels but no dice. It's like playing with...
  14. PC [HELP] Game keeps shutting down

    Cant play in multi or sigal with out the game just randomly shutting down, it says it is running but nothing.. I have tried EVERYTHING on all the sites nothing is working.. help!
  15. PC [HELP] Statue of Perfection gone after Robin upgrades house?

    Robin had just finished house upgrade 2 for me, and the next morning my Statue of Perfection was gone. The rest of my furniture is still there. I also cannot interact with grandpa’s shrine anymore either. Is there any way to get the statue back or is it gone forever?
  16. iOS [BUG] Crashing 'Fish Stew' Mission on iOS

    This is an issue we have been running into on iPad so iOS. The 'Fish Stew' Mission when you have to give Gus an Albacore. As soon as you redeem the reward the game crashes leading to the player having to play the day again. Unable to get past this mission having done this multiple times.
  17. PC [HELP] Weapon stats not showing and I cant use specials

    For every weapon that I have across multiple files, the stats such as the speed and attack damage just dont show up. Also, for all three weapon types, I cant use any of the right-click specials, right clicking just does nothing. This happens with every weapon that I own or even if I buy new...
  18. PC [HELP] where is walls_and_floors.xnb located??

    hi so i accidentally deleted the file and i can not for the life of me find where it used to go, i restored the file but its still messing up my game and making the floor go black/disappear. i'm so sorry this is such a dumb question but i'm seriously struggling. thank you <3
  19. Switch [BUG] Prismatic Jelly Quest Bug

    I have found the prismatic jelly. So only need to deliver and still have 3 days before the quests expired. But I save the game and was going to give to the wizard the next day. But the next day the Prismatic Jelly gone from my inventory and so is the quest. I’m so confused.
  20. Issue Please help. Stuck on saving, Deepwoods/Save anywhere.

    Hello! I seem to have a problem when sleeping or using the save anywhere key, where the game starts to save but then crashes. Causing me to lose progress. It seems to be unpredictable. Both save anywhere versions give me trouble.