1. Brighton Wyss

    changing your title

    I need help changing my title. If you don't know what I mean, on the forum when you get a trophy you can supposedly change what trophy goes below your name. I'm stuck using greenhorn and I need help.
  2. Lellis

    Mobile [HELP] Game Crashing

    Hello,I'm having a problem when I play Stardew Valley Mobile ver . After 2/3hours of gameplay, when I leave/enter a npc house , my screen gets black and the game crashes... I tried clearing the game cache but it didn't work ;/ I don't use any mods or something else.
  3. Mobile [HELP] Crash screen

    Good evening, today I was able to enter my game without problem, I saved it and then I wanted to enter again and the game does not load it, the message "loading" appears and after this a dark screen appears, a song from background only, does not display any images.
  4. Help Game will not save

    I updated the expanded mod and my game will no longer save. I can play for the day but when I go to sleep the items I sell will tally but the game crashes as its saving. Here is my smapi log- Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Solved [Help] Statue of Perfection

    Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to sell the statue of perfection? I can't seem to find where it is on my game now. Is it possible to retrieve it or is there any other way to get another one?
  6. Mobile [HELP] File crashes after selecting language

    So I have this problem: I have Stardew valley on my android and I was messing around on the startscreen. I wanted to see which languages were available (I play the German version(don't know if it's important)) and I accidentally selected the language from Turkey... Afterwards i immediately...
  7. Xbox Help/Bug report

    Hello, I already sent an email about the bug I was experiencing where anytime I open a save file, it has "deleted" a whole days progress, causing me to replay a whole day everytime I open the game. I also noticed on my current file that I have not had any lucky days in about a month in-game...