1. Windows [HELP] Legendary fish on multiplayer

    So recently I wanted to get master angler achievement while playing in co-op but I read on wiki that legendary fish can be caught one per person, that means if another person caught for example Legend and i get mutant carp, no one will get this achievement, right ?
  2. Windows [BUG] There is no fish in Ginger Island

    Hello, I'm playing with 2 friends and we have unlocked Ginger Island. The problem is that they can fish everything but i only have trash no matter where i fish on the island I'm the person who's hosting the game and one of my friend just logged in, went on the island and had all the fishes...
  3. Windows BUG Fish stuck on wall

    I bought the fish tank, put four fish in the tank, but decided to switch one of them because it was not moving at all. That's when it didn't let me, even though the menu said I had just three fish in the tank. When I moved the tank hoping it will be solved, I just saw the fish stuck on the wall.
  4. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    [SPOILER ALERT] What is the highest level can you reach in fishing? What kind of fish can you catch from this level?[SPOILER ALERT]

    -SPOILER ALERT!- I am a lazy game player. I am not into fishing, but I am more interested in fixing games or coding problems. Then, I got a crazy idea to create a thread about math, fishing levels and making everyone participate in fishing. () This thread aims to allow you and other people to...
  5. Switch [Bug] A Legendary Fish won't spawn in its normal location in summer after starting a fishing quest from v1.5 [legendary fish spoilers in post]

    Hi, I was working on catching the crimsonfish in summer on the easternmost pier on the beach. I had seen the crimsonfish spawn a few times but was not able to catch it (because I'm not good at the fishing mini game). Then I accepted one of the new quests by the scientist "help with fish...
  6. benjellyman

    Pond fish need some help

    So yeah, we all have had to put strange items in the pond, like for example, my spook fish wanted quartz. I mean, that’s ok, and I’ve had my super cucumbers want a sea urchin, which makes sense, but why in the world does my blobfish want wine?!? I mean, no wonder they are blobs. They are fish...
  7. Switch [BUG] No money selling fish.

    I don’t get any money selling fish in the box on the farm. Put 20 fish in and in the summary it says “fishing 0”. Have tried deleting and re-downloading. This problem only occurs on my Nintendo Switch. Worked fine on my PC.
  8. karel

    Switch BUG cured roe

    if i want to put the cured roe in the preserves jar it say only in the cave and do you want to eat it
  9. Sakker

    Eletric eel

    Would be cool if an eletric eel where added to the game, so you could only catch it on ginger island. And if you putted it in a fish pond it would have a chance to generate baterries or you putted a lightning rod next to the fishing pond and it would generate an bateries.
  10. PC [BUG] Fish Not Registering in Collection

    I've been playing on one file of Stardew since 2017. I was looking at my fish collection and noticed the crab, lobster, and crayfish does not register as caught. I've tried re-catching them in crabpot; does not register. I tried putting the fish in a fish pond and then fishing them out; does not...
  11. PC [HELP] Fish Tanks in house not taking items

    I cannot get anything into the house item fish tanks. Left click, right click, does not matter. I do know that the Rustic Country Walls and Floors had co-opted the tanks for their offerings and I thought perhaps this is why they were not working, but I removed that mod to see it they would work...
  12. Uzzlegorf

    PC [BUG] Multiple legend fish

    Just caught 2 more "Legend" fish in the mountain lake, after already having caught one earlier in the game. I play with mods, bot none that mess with the legendary fish. Got the "auto-hook" enhancement on the fishing rod. Using regular bait + trap bobber.
  13. rippytrippy

    pls add more item desc. details

    err, idk about y'all, but the descriptions given for items (especially fish) are absolutely ~worthless~. I would love it if there were like a lil bit about what season you can get the item, how rare it is, etc rather than just "a common (item name)". like... tf?? srsly pls add something better ;-;
  14. PC Bug: No-star river fish after 1.5 update

    All of the fish I catch in the river have no-stars. Ocean and lake, I can catch silver/gold/iridium quality, but literally all the river fish have no stars. (Difficult to finish the "quality fish" community center bundle when I can't catch gold-star fish!)
  15. sFlamingo

    Printable Fish Chart

    This is a print-friendly table of every fish in SDV (as of 1.5). Info is taken directly from the Wikia. Let me know if you'd like for me to add a column for check marks, post this in a .pdf format, or provide you with an editable Excel sheet...
  16. RevMortis

    Solved Bug with Fish ponds.

    Placed some iridium quality fish in the fish ponds and when I pulled them out, they had become plain quality. edit: Single player at the time. English PC/edit
  17. PC [BUG] Glacierfish not registered as caught

    Playing on Steam, single-player (never had anyone join), issue began in 1.5.3 I caught the Glacierfish late one evening, immediately used a farm totem to warp home. It does *not* appear in my list of caught fish, even though I've obviously caught it (it's floating in a fish tank in my house)...
  18. BlaDe

    Spreadsheet to work out chances of hooking a fish

    I have updated my fish chance spreadsheet to include updates for 1.5. I have added island locations and curiosity lure. Unfortunately I cannot add magic bait. Magic bait adds too many fish possibilities and too many permutations of the fish order to be viable...
  19. imnvs

    Fish Pickles

    No, seriously, in real life, you can pickle fish. I come from a region where pickled herring is a common appetizer or snack food at parties of all varieties including holidays. I would like to suggest that fish be able to be pickled in SDV. Of course this would be done in preserves jars, but I...
  20. Nathan2076

    What is the best fish to put in the Fish Pond?

    I recently built a Fish Pond and now I want to know what is the best fish to put in there.