1. Eris X Drifter


    Hi there! Does anyone have any Sebastian and/or Shane art? They are my favorite characters, and I would love and appreciate if anyone had any art to send me! :sebastian: :shane:
  2. DarkSnowflakes

    Art New fanart!

    Hey people! I'm finally able to do some fanart again! As my first thread is quite old, I'l start a new one with fresh art and process! Hope you enjoy! They're my furry farmer sona Hana (her conceptcan be found on my previous thread) and her horse Indiana And here are sketch and lineart
  3. AthinaCrown

    Sebby frog

    Hey guys theres another draw, there is Sebitas and his froggie
  4. DarkSnowflakes

    Art Some furry fanart!

    Hello guys! This is my first time on a forum and first time posting something on an official page! Making long story short, I'm a furry artist and really fell in love with the game, the characters are just awesome, so I felt the need to do some fanart. But well, I'm not a human artist (yet)...
  5. The Mortician

    Art (First time on this forum!!) Some Doodles!! :D

    Hi everyone!!! I'm Huey!!! I had to build a little courage to post this so I'm sorry that it's posted so late in the night- but I'm sure it'll be worth it! I decided to share some of the art I've done so far for stardew since Stardew quickly has become one of my favorite games now :D. I drew...
  6. WinterYam

    Which Bachelor/Bachelorette should I sketch?

    Feel like sketching but want the influence to come from elsewhere! Which bachelor/ bachelorette should I sketch AND what should they be doing? (Anything goes as long as it doesn't violate forum TOU/NSFW stuff) I'll decide this weekend which ones to pick (will choose one male, one female) and...
  7. wiktorke

    Art my sebastian fanart

    im just obsessed with him :~D i spend like 4/5h over this piece and I think it was wort it. It's my best work I've ever done and i love it. Program: paint tool sai. ~btw if someone want to make friends and is about my age (15/17) please contact me on discord or here :~3
  8. dolce-elegy

    Art "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Desert Party Final Illustration

    Continuing my brand of forgetting that this forum exists and then remembering that it does ;u;👌✨. Anyways, "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" finally released which means I can finally post my piece for it! Here's my Farmer OC/Player Character, Casimiro (Stardew Valley [Beta] Farmer...
  9. dolce-elegy

    "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Illustration Preview

    Hey all! Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. My call center job has been...killing me...which is putting it lightly... :'3 Anyways, I got into a Stardew Valley themed zine run by LBZines on tumblr! They're running a zine called "From Grandpa's Farm" that focuses on people's SDV farmer...
  10. giovanagiberti

    Art Hat Store

    hey guys! i've been playing for a few months now and decided to make a fanart of the cutest NPC :3 my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giovanagiberti/ <3