1. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    Who are your favourite SV couples?

    Not all marriage relationships are rainbow and sunshine. Or maybe you want to prove to me that they are the perfect couple. Recently, I was thinking of creating a thread about couples in SV. – for fun. I am curious to know who is your favorite couples. Who was the first favorite? or second? Do...
  2. MissDandy

    Switch [BUG] Can't interact with Caroline on island

    I was on the island trying to interact with Caroline, but a message kept popping up saying she was sleeping even though she was walking around. Here is the picture:
  3. Xbox [BUG] Tea leaves and recipes

    Hi, Previous save files that have past caroline’s 2- heart cutscene before tea leaves were added now have no access to the recipe. I can see no way for me to get access to it, I was told maybe steak out the travellers shop or even run around scything random plants in the last week of the season...
  4. PC [BUG] 1.4 / 1.5 Caroline dont have a tea-garden door

    Greetings an a healthy new year :-) I started SDV again and tried to get tea. First try with an old Savegame but no tea-garden in Carolines Kitchen (Willy have his new door). So I started a new Game, work on Carolines friendship, now 8 hearts with Caroline, I got the Event with Abigale and...
  5. redbobcat

    iOS [BUG] Caroline sunroom event off center (and few more)

    *FIXED* A small bug. 2 hearts Caroline cutscene in a sunroom is off center - shifted to the bottom right to be precise. Although steam and sparkles from a teacup and a tiny cup are centered. You can see it on the attached screenshot. iPad Pro iPadOS 13.5.1 Game Ver
  6. PC [BUG] Caroline dialog

    Version 1.4.5 linux / gog / spanish This is minor, but sometimes speaking to Caroline she says to me, that Pierre's store is closed on wednesdays. She continues to say that even though I've reached the stage of the game where that is not true.
  7. Art coldazrael's Stardew Valley Art Gallery (+Wallpapers)

    Hi everyone~ Back then when I decided to draw some stuff, Stardew Valley is the beginning of my artworks and my life as an artist. So I decided to share some of my artworks :owo:. Coffee for Husband Featuring : Farmer Amanda (Owned by DarkSerena67 from discord) and Harvey Commissioned by...