1. Issue Pigs producing strange weeds instead of truffles? (BFAV)

    I believe the Better Farm Animal Variety mod is causing my pigs to dig up odd weeds instead of truffles. I think it's the BFAV mod because when I removed it the issue stopped. I can't find anything in the config files that'll allow me to change it. I really want to keep using the mod but I'm...
  2. Tukis J

    My ideas for expanding on the game ♦1.6♦ (meuseum furniture, NPC relationships, larger funded Festivals, Costomizable exteriors, and more ..🌝)

    - :iridium: It would be awesome to have another use for the gems found in geodes, maybe we could trade them at the museum for special items, for example, 3 marble would give you a marble statue, 3 tears would give you a yeti costume, etc.. for each different geode gem you could pay 3 of that gem...
  3. Pet animals on Mac?

    Hi everyone, I've had a look for the answer to this but I can't find anything...can anyone help me? I'm wondering how I can pet animals on my MacBook keyboard? I've tried lots of different options but can't work it out! Thanks
  4. CScout

    Ridable Ostrich

    Small dumb idea. So what if the ostrich could be ridable similar to the horse. There would basically be no benefit to this in the slightest, I just love the image of riding an ostrich. If you could think of a practical use I'd love to know.
  5. iOS [HELP] problems about bundles and animals

    Hello,I have some problems ,please help me... 1:bundles I had cleared everything except for the bulletin board part.but suddenly,on the golden scroll,the bulletin board part had changed to a cleared state ,and the pantry part had changed to an uncleared state. The community center’s state is...
  6. PC [BUG] 1.5.1 Dog sleeps inside the house, but "outside" the actual house

    The dog sleeps outside the allowed space; see screenshot. Bug remained even after I left and reentered the house.
  7. shurpresa

    Fresh grass for animals

    Hello there! First post here, a newbie player, if this is not the correcto place, let me know please. What range does the animals have for searching for wild grass? I have a full coop and a small barn and I have so much trouble to find enough fiber to make grass for them :S ALso winter is...
  8. Animal problem.

    I want to complain about animals sorry. I know being about money is a certain playstyle but I wanted to Express my opinion any ways. So .... They say joja market is the expensive play style but community center is actually the more expensive playstyle. Assuming your not using stardew valley...
  9. Magically Clueless

    Art Animal crossin'

    Hey guys! I haven't drawn much in a while so I drew some Animal Crossing villagers by request. You're welcome to suggest some villagers too, though I can't promise I'll do them. So far I've done Lily and Candi: