bug report

  1. Android [BUG] Black bars on top of screen

    I played this game for almost a week now, and today when i was just about to continue my game, i found out there's black bars in top of my screens, and it's really been bothering me. The game works just fine, but the bars is just annoying and its limiting the screen. I restarted the game, even...
  2. xenal

    PC [BUG] Mahogany Bench Front and back aren't matching

    Mahogany Bench Front and back aren't matching. Literally unplayable.
  3. Ziul

    Android [BUG] Saloon Minigame Bug

    So, when i go to saloon minigames with far away zoom, the screen turns black and with no sound and hud, but it can be closed by using the return button in the phone, idk why is that happening.
  4. PC [BUG] Found out why lead rods drop so much, may be a code typo

    I was digging around in the code to develop my mod and wanted to check whether there was anything else that could drop weapons besides the crate loot table mentioned on the wiki's Modding:Weapon_Data (Utility.getUncommonItemForThisMineLevel) to explain how some things like Wicked Kris are...
  5. PC [Bug] Ice Fishing festival uses a temporary rod baited with... Beach Warp Totems??

    Hello! I was investigating a bug report where someone had 99 beach warp totems suddenly appear in their inventory without explanation. I have not reproduced it myself, but I am almost certain that it is connected to this strange bit of the game code inEvent::setUpPlayerControlSequence for the...
  6. A Junimo


    I can't tear away myself from Stardew Valley!! It's way too fun and addicting! HELP MEH! ;)
  7. Shilos

    PC [BUG] Quest Log/Journal has disappeared

    I unlocked the skull cavern the night before so i was expecting the quest for the 25 levels (Note, i had no quests before hand) once i checked my mail box and got the new quest alert i noticed that the journal symbol wasn't there so i pressed f and it showed me a blank page when there should've...
  8. lucyrcharles

    Switch [BUG] Deluxe Barn hay not eaten

    I just updated the barn to Deluxe almost two in-game weeks ago. When it updated it put out 12 hay automatically and they haven’t been eaten despite the animals being in there for a few days in a row due to rain and festivals.
  9. crudecabbage

    Switch [BUG] Torch light bug??

    I feel like I found a bug, but I’m unsure. I had put a torch on top on my fence so I had more light. I usually break my fence once it’s ready to fall apart but this time I didn’t. And now there’s a light on the ground but there’s no torch there. Idk if this is a bug or it’s supposed to happen. I...
  10. PC [BUG] Black screen at ending day

    Me and some friends was playing the multiplayer,it was everything okay since we went to sleep and it was not starting the next day. It was showing just a black screen,please help it was just showing this
  11. Xbox [BUG] Item duplication glitch allowing nearly infinite money within the first month

    This most likely is an all platform issue. The bug follows like this 1. Get a chest + the item you'd want to duplicate. 2. Fill your inventory with any items that are not the item you want to duplicate. 3. Place the chest down and put the item you want to duplicate into it. 4. Press "A" on the...
  12. iOS (BUG) Not able to hit monster

    I love playing Stardew Valley but this is the first time encountering bug/glitch. My combat is at level 5. Using Obsidian Sward and wearing Iridium Band. However, the damage to monster (the most basic Slime) is only at 1-2. Hit 0 at higher level of monster. Anyone could help?
  13. Android [BUG] Severe Lagging on Farm

    Hello! I’m running Stardew on a Samsung Galaxy Tab E running Android 7.1.1 with the latest version of the game. I’m experiencing such severe lagging on the farm screen that it’s impossible to play the game. I’ve noticed it’s worse with the Junimo Huts on my screen but it was still frequent...
  14. PC [BUG] Minor 'Help Wanted' Inaccuracy

    According to this 'Help Wanted' message, Linus has a TV
  15. PC [BUG] Minor Lighting Bug

    It is a pretty simple bug. If you equip 2 of the same light generating rings, it will leave a lingering light source on the tile where you equipped the second ring. Doesn't seem to happen if the rings are of different types. The light generation on that tile only appears to last until you leave...
  16. iOS [BUG] Game now just says “The Secret Police: Chucklefish” and closes; son can’t play

    Hello, after clocking in many hours in the past week or so playing Stardew Valley, my son now can’t open the game. He has powered off the iPad (iOS 13.5.1) a couple times to see if that would help. No mods or anything. He’s got three farms, and in one he’s far enough along to have a nursery...
  17. PC [BUG] CO-OP double wood bug

    Hello I'm new to the forums so don't know if anyone else found this bug. So playing in a CO-OP game with a friend we both started to cut the same tree and when we finished twice as much wood would drop on the ground, I'm guessing this is not a feature.
  18. PC [BUG] White Screen Bug after a couple of minutes / secondes

    Hello there, i got this bug screen in the game. I can play for a couple of minutes / seconds. My Steam Version is 1.37 not 1.45 at all, see second picture below. Have anybody an idea?
  19. Switch [BUG] Coop Issues on Four Corners Map

    I'm currently the only player on a 4 corners/multiplayer map, and I'm having issues with the Coop. Anytime I exit the coop, I come out of the greenhouse - even though it's not been rebuilt, yet. I was living with it, but now it seems that though I could upgrade to the Big Coop, I cannot upgrade...
  20. frankthefrog

    Android [BUG] Frozen in time

    Hey, i found something very strange: i play on my Android using phone, and with one of my characters, time have...stopped. We're stuck in Summer, and the day count is over hundred. Only Summer crops grow, the calendar doesn't work, the seasons don't change, and there are no seasonal events. What...