Who did you marry first?


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Penny because she liked books.

Then Abby because I liked her adventurous spirit.

Then Shane for the ranch, only I didn't get that far yet. They are dating though.

Then Elliott because he liked books and the beach (for the beach farm).

Then I have an evil farmer who has dated everyone in town (I highly recommend not carrying a rabbits foot), married Maru, had one kid and will now divorce Maru and marry Sebastian.

Then a honey farmer who married Haley. (She will make that farm cute, Haley! I just suck at decoration).

The next farmer lives on the river farm and will probably marry Leah, but that one is only in the first spring.
I have been spectacularly and completely uninterested in divorcing anyone in the game. Frankly I don't get the point as you can just play the game again and marry someone else. I guess that means I'll need to play the game 12 ok, 13 times to see everything and yeah, that's a lot of gameplay time. Which could be saved with some g and a stiff spine, but IMO it's antithetical to the feel of the game. Of course my opinion only and irrelevant to everyone else, but I can't do it.

Of course as I walk by someone I've married in another save I say "Hello, alt-squeeze!" in my head, which induces a weird kind of cognitive dissonance. But I get over it soon enough.
I have to say, I feel the same way. I just wish I had decided on Krobus first. I probably won't do it because of the reasons that yous so accurately pointed out. I'll just be Krobus' roommate on my new save.
I honestly don't play the game for the marriage aspect and only marry for the stardrop for completion but I did marry emily because of what she gives at her 14 heart event which Is better in my opinion than others.
Krobus is also great and having him as a roomate makes buying from the sewers slighlty faster (no talking before opening the GUI).


Abigail was my first spouse. I picked her because I found her the most fun and interesting. After that I've largely based my choice of spouse on who I think would enjoy living on that particular farm the most. Like Sebastian on the wilderness farm, Haley on the beach farm, and Elliot on the forest farm...


I married Sam. I loved how sweet he is. He’s the only character I’ve married. I guess you can say I’m loyal hehe. I’ve considered marrying Penny though. I think that will be my next move


Back when I was able to play the game (still trying to find a fix that works for me since the update) I married several of them in new saves (I've never divorced anyone, just created new saves)... I married Sebastian first (modded). His degree of introversion is close to my own. Then I dated everyone to see their 10 heart events and married Sebastian again. Then Penny (modded). Then Sebastian again. Then Elliot (modded) who I turned out to like more than Sebastian or Penny. Then I lived with Krobus but his anxiety about being found out and assassinated was too heart-wrenching so I moved him out and erased his memory about it. Then I found the Romanceable Rasmodius mod and I'll never go back to the general population again. Ras is the one for me. Or will be again when I can play the game.


At first, I wanted to be with Sebastian, but I didn't want to wait for him to leave the basement, so I married Sam XD
One time I was trying to date Sebastian, like that was the entire reason I made my file, to marry the emo. Yet I could never find him! I think I married someone else but I don't remember-