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As everyone knows, custom furniture is broken, ive seen some other posters saying it'll take some time to update... any news on that ?? i really love having multiple furniture sets in my farm :(


I got an unofficial version of Stardust Core to work on my computer. Recompiled for latest SMAPI. Let me know if it is not working, and I'll TRY to see if I can figure it out. (New to modding, but prior programming experience). Hope it works for you.
I downloaded and placed this mod in the "Mod" folder the other day, but when I play in any game (single, or multiplayer) this happens: I get the cake letter, I got the money letter in multiplayer, (but not in single player), and when I talk to anyone I've met before (single, or multi), they say "Happy birthday [Character's name]", but they don't give me any gifts. Also, there's no red writing on the black Smapi page; nothing that says it's out of date or there's an error. Thank you.


Is it possible to make the skills in the "Love of Cooking" mod compatible with the "Skill Prestige" mod?

The Love of Cooking

Skill Prestige
ya... tried that could still not get one of the recipes. also had issues with redberries not being getable/plantable or nettles

the dev may have fixed some of these things but as it is I am currently on a save where just trying to reach end of year 2 to get grandpa's assessment then planing on doing a scrub and start a fresh save
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Hey~ I was wondering if you guys knew of a SVE Compatible version of Make Marlon Real and Make Gunther Real? PaintedParrot on Nexus did the one for the Wizard and I was really interested if anyone had done ones for the Marlon and Gunther ones (I understand that Marlon is different in SVE but I've yet to explore that completely so I'm sorry if I'm unaware if dating him is a thing in SVE).


Here's freeDusty updated for working with Stardew Valley 1.4 / SMAPI 3.6.2.

* no more magenta box for certain users
* when married to Alex, Dusty will not disappear anymore on certain days. He will always stay in the farm.
* prevent some unnecessary checks when the would be overridden anyways

Pull requests:
Hi, do you think you would update this mod for 1.5? Very much appreciated.
Hey guys!

EDIT: I've updated the mod following @Pathoschild guidelines, and using the updated source code available here - My code is committed there as well.

I've updated the attached file in this post for anyone referencing it.

Changes/Fixes in this update:

-Supports SDV 1.5.1, SMAPI 3.8.2;
-Fixes Golden Walnuts issues by avoiding the collection of those - My previous version still wrongfully collected 3 Golden Walnuts (Sorry!), they where at: Captain's Room (1) and Volcano Forge (2);
-Changes the Minimal harvest formula to allow a value higher than 1, up to the established Max value for the crop - increased per Farmer Level / Max Increase parameter;
-Grabs Ginger on all Island locations - New 1.5 forage item

My Previous/Original post follows:

I'm sorry for showing up just now, I've been trying to get my account validated since yesterday hahaha.

I've been following @Strobe and Deluxe Auto-grabber and I managed to get it to work with 1.5 without the need to replant any crops, with Global Forage set to ON and without causing issues with Golden Walnuts, I've uploaded my version below, it uses the source from here:

-This version will not cause the DivideByZero Exception and will work 100% to collect global forage, it will not attempt to collect Golden Walnuts in the Island maps.
-This version does not yet attempt to grab new items from 1.5, if you guys could provide me a list of new item Id's of the new forageable items, I'd be glad to make this update.

I'd like to get in touch with @Strobe to make sure I'm using the same source he's using and collaborate to fully update the Mod, if you get this, PM me plz :)

Long story/Technical details:
-The DivideByZero Exception is caused by the maxHarvestIncreasePerFarmingLevel property of the Crop object being returned as 0 for Coffee beans and perhaps other Crops too. I don't know the previous version values (if anyone knows, let me know), so right now I've changed it so it either uses the existing value or, if it is zero, reverts to 1. This Exception literally stops the processing of the grabber on the start of each day, hence why we didn't get all the fruits from trees or forageable items, but still got a few.

-The Golden Walnuts are collected from a Bush Object, the original mod author coded Bushes to be collected when blooming, but made the types of berries static in code, so, in Sping, it collects Salmonberries, and in Fall, it collects Blackberries. However, this causes an issue with the new Golden Walnuts, because they are also collected from Bushes (the first one you get and a few others) but are neither Salmonberries nor Blackberries. If you are in either Spring or Fall, the previous code would just create the respective berry in your global grabber and delete the Walnut - So some of your Berries would actually be the Golden Walnut. - In case you already played in 1.5 with your savefile, you cannot get the Walnuts to be placed back, however, you can spawn them with CJB Item Spawner or, if you want, get a previous save from 1.4.5 and load into that one, your Golden Walnuts will be correctly in place when using this version of Deluxe Auto-Grabber.

I hope this can be helpful and I'd like to get your feedback, I plan on updating the mod to gather the new items and work better with the Islands, but for now, this will be functional.
With this mod, I've been having issues with there being so much forage to collect that the global Auto-Grabber ran out of space most mornings. I would like the option to not gather from the Desert and/or Island locations. Is that an option you think you could reasonably add?