Windows Leo as secret friend in Feast of a Winter Star


Hello, I am in the third year of the game and I found a bug which happens when you have not yet reached the 6 hearts event with Leo and the Feast of the Winter Star arrives. Basically, since Leo is not in the town, no There is no way to give the gift, therefore, they do not give you your gift to be able to finish the event, the only way is to leave the town.

Sorry for my bad english, and i hope i have been for help.


I had that scenario in the Mac version once too. It's weird, isn't it? I don't believe it's been fixed.

By the way, your English is very good!


Well, here we go. No sooner had I posted above when this scenario happened in my current save. Nice the game has confidence I'm further ahead on Ginger Island by Winter Year 2, but I've been rather lazy about progressing quickly there. Or maybe it's just Lewis not paying attention. This is on the latest iPad version by the way. Clearly it's missing the event flag that Leo has moved over to the town.

If Leo shows up at the festival, I'll post back, but last time this happened, he wasn't there.