How to Share Your Farm and Use Stardew Planner


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Sharing Your Farm

For PC, Switch, and PS4

These three platforms have a native way to capture not just your farm, but any map you’re on! To use this feature:
  1. Enter the in-game map you want to capture.
  2. Open your inventory.
  3. Click on/move to the Options tab and scroll to the bottom.
  4. (PC only) Select a percentage. This actually refers to the quality of the screenshot produced, it will capture the full map no matter which % you pick, just at different levels of image quality (and file size).
  5. Click the camera button on PC, or "screenshot" on console.
You can find your screenshots on PC by clicking “Open Destination Folder”, or:
  • On Windows at %appdata%\StardewValley\Screenshots
  • On Mac and Linux at ~/.local/share/StardewValley/Screenshots
  • On Switch in the Album page
  • On PS4 under Settings -> Storage -> System Storage -> Capture Gallery

And if chat commands are more your style, /mapscreenshot also works. You can also specify filename and percentage with the command, for example /mapscreenshot image01 100.

It’s worth mentioning that is still an option on PC, and provides additional information about your save.

For Mobile

The easiest way to capture an image of your farm on mobile is with You can find your save files under the “On My iPad/iPhone” tab in Files on iOS or at storage/emulated/0/StardewValley on Android. For full iOS instructions, see this reddit post.

If you’re playing on Android with a modded farm map or using any visual mods, you’ll want to use the Map Image Export Mod. That way, you’ll properly capture how your farm looks in game. This is also the best way to get a nighttime view of you farm. Note that this option isn’t available on iOS. For details on Android modding, see here.

For Xbox One and PS Vita

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to share your farm from an Xbox or Vita. The best options are:
  • Recreate your farm using Stardew Planner and export the plan as a render. Plans can be rendered in any season by clicking the purple button in the top right.
  • Go to Robin’s and select the move buildings option. This will give you a slightly larger view of your farm, but you’ll still need to take a number of screenshots and stitch them together.

Planning Your Farm

Stardew Planner is a great tool for planning a farm, created by @hpeinar. There is also a multiplayer planner where you can work on a single farm plan with multiple people.

Getting Started with the Planner

To start, you’ll want to select a farm map from the Layouts drop-down. If you play on PC or mobile, you also have the option to upload a save file and begin planning from there.

The site has a number of keyboard controls that make it easier to use, so once you’re on the planner page, scroll down to see those. It’s also worth noting that this site is designed for a desktop browser and doesn’t work well on mobile.

Saving a Plan

When you save a plan, the site will generate a unique url for that plan. Please be sure to bookmark or otherwise save this link to return to that plan. (If you saved a plan and closed the site, you’ll still be able to recover the plan in your browser’s history)

Sharing a Plan

Click the purple button in the top right and select your favorite season to get a render of your farm plan. Please note that if you’re planning a modded map, you won’t be able to render it, but you can still select “Save plan as picture” to get an unrendered image.
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Thanks so much for this! I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make the buildings and trees look normal.
Thank you so much :heart::proud:! It took me a while arguing with my computer, but I got a screenshot! This will be very helpful planning the farm layout and so much stuff!!!!! I am super happy that I can get the neat pictures other people get of their farm! I thought it would require special software or something! Your so amazingly awesome for sharing this, and in a way I can understand too!!!!!! :heart:
Hopefully Xbox can get a better way........... Too bad we don't have a website like for the farms. I mean I like what you guys post here but it would be nice to see more.