PC [HELP] Multiplayer Game Keeps Crashing on Mac


Hi! Thanks in advance for any help/guidance! My sister and I are trying to play multiplayer stardew and we are able to connect using an invite code, but each time we try to play a day it seems to randomly crash. We are both using macs and when I try to host, sometime during the day (once at ~6pm another time ~12:50pm) the mac spinning rainbow circle pops up and the game freezes. My sister then receives a message that says the connection failed/lost connection to the server. The hosting computer stays frozen with the spinning circle and no buttons work. The only way to close the game is via a force quit. The crash doesn't seem tied to any specific game events/locations/etc.

We absolutely love this game, but it's impossible to even get through a full day without it crashing. Does anybody have any ideas or fixes? We aren't using any mods and are playing through steam. Thank you!
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Is it possible your internet might be the issue? Have you tried some solutions listed out here?

I hope you can get back to playing normally with your sister!