1. Pet animals on Mac?

    Hi everyone, I've had a look for the answer to this but I can't find anything...can anyone help me? I'm wondering how I can pet animals on my MacBook keyboard? I've tried lots of different options but can't work it out! Thanks

    Hello! I just downloaded this game today to play with some friends but can't find the invite code. Help!! Is there any way to fix this??
  3. PC [BUG] "Enter Invite Code" Button Missing

    I am a Mac useer and my "enter invite code" button is missing!
  4. PC [HELP] MacOS - Multiplayer Can't Join Farm

    Hello, I recently saw many threads about MacOS or XBOX can't join the game/farm since Tuesday 8 June 2021. My girlfriend is playing Stardew Valley with Macbook via Steam. What we're facing: My farm is not available for her to join. The "Enter Invite Code" button is missing. Tried joining via...
  5. BooJoy

    PC [MAC] [BUG] Multiplayer not working on MAC after updating steam client update, June 7

    After Updating Steam Client Update, June 7 Unable to join/invite fellow friends.. tried all the fixes.. Invite code button also not showing up.. NOTE: Please Add Prefix[platform] section for MAC too ... THANKS 🙂
  6. PC [BUG] mac players unable to do da dew (mulitiplayer)

    Salutations! For the past day, mac players have been unable to play multiplayer Stardew Valley, specifically not showing invite codes and not allowing individuals to put in invite codes. Forums on steam have also been discussing this issue and claim that there may be an issue with the previous...
  7. PC [BUG] No invite code

    Hi! My cousin and I just bought Stardew and we've been playing for the past two days no biggie. Suddenly, we're no longer able to play since he doesn't have the "enter invite code" option. For the record, I play on pc and he plays on a mac. We've done most of the solutions everyone has said to...
  8. PC [BUG] Multiplayer not working on MAC

    Theres no button to insert an invite code, everything was working fine around 20 hours ago and now I only have the LAN option, i have tried multiple solutions and nothing has worked yet any info on this?
  9. PC [BUG] Multiplayer not working on mac

    Trying to load in to a co-op game with my partner who is on Mac, i am on windows. All was working fine two days ago but a recent update may have caused an issue. The invite code button does not appear for her to join my game. We have tried restarting, uninstalling and everything else known to...
  10. PC [HELP] Multiplayer Game Keeps Crashing on Mac

    Hi! Thanks in advance for any help/guidance! My sister and I are trying to play multiplayer stardew and we are able to connect using an invite code, but each time we try to play a day it seems to randomly crash. We are both using macs and when I try to host, sometime during the day (once at ~6pm...
  11. PC HELP /Friend can't play from mac //Multiplayer

    So I am window user and my friend joined my farm from a windows pc at first and we played alot of hours. But when she logs onto her steam account on her Mac, she can't join my farm? Is there any way to fix this? or is it that since she played on windows pc, she can't rejoin from a mac? Can Mac...
  12. margotbean

    PC [BUG] Fishing Treasure & Broken Trident/Neptune's Glaive

    Mac v1.5.4 Singleplayer English New game started after v1.5 released The code in openTreasureMenuEndFunction seems to indicate that only one Broken Trident and Neptune's Glaive should be allowed from fishing treasure chests, but a user on the wiki reported fishing up multiple Broken Tridents...
  13. PC [BUG] 1.5 (Mac) Game Freezing when Casting exactly as it turns 2:00 AM

    I've googled around and found a couple of other posts with this same problem, all with no fixes. When casting your fishing rod as it turns from 1:50 to 2:00 AM, fishing reel disappears and time freezes. I still had the ability to move the cursor around the screen and it was detecting clickable...
  14. PC [BUG / HELP] Cursor freezes in some selection screens

    Howdy, I'm new here! And I need some help with what looks like a bug. About a week ago, I started playing on my computer instead of my phone. A problem I've noticed is that the cursor will freeze in certain selection scenes. Whenever I (A) visit the museum and attempt to donate an item to the...
  15. PC [HELP] Immediate freeze when someone connects via invite code (1.5, M1 Mac)

    Subject says it all pretty much - the game freezes if someone tries to connect via an invite code. But if they connect via Steam invite, there are no issues. I checked, and there's no error log, at least not in ~/.config/StardewValley/.
  16. PC [HELP] PS4 controller works with Big Picture mode but not with Stardew Valley. Game crashes if I disconnect the controller.

    See here for details: Is there any way to get controllers working on an M1 Mac?
  17. Solved [HELP] Controller not working in Stardew on Mac

    Hello! I use a mac (only when traveling, I swear) and my Xbox One controller. It is paired and works without incident on all other games I've used it with. However, it does not work at all on Stardew Valley. I have tried extensive troubleshooting and I'm still not able to get it to work. I have...
  18. PC [BUG] unable to buy from marnie?

    i can select an animal to buy, and a coop, but when it comes to naming the animal to cement the purchase, it doesn't let me. as in, i can't rename, randomise, or accept the name of the animal. all i can do is exit the buying screen. i am using pc and mods, which i can name, but i will eventually...
  19. PC [BUG] [Mac] [1.54] About Stardew Valley has wrong version number

    If you are running the game windowed on Mac via steam the version number is different from the actual version number. Stardew valley menu -> About Stardew valley gives Version 1.08 (1) rather than 1.54. I know this is seriously cosmetic!