being a console player, i think fishing is one of the best mechanics in the game. I mean you can find a Dinosaur Egg !!! you just have to get good at it, its a great source of income and treasure. Also, what platform do you play on? what do you not like about fishing?
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Just saying it's terrible without explaining why isn't going to accomplish much. Perhaps when give these reasons, they'll boil down to you just sucking at it, and then with some advice from us you'll get better and start thinking it was never terrible.


It's like any real-life skill: you're going to be terrible at it when you first start off. I couldn't catch a fish to save my life. But if you stick with it you'll get better quickly. But I love fishing mini-games anyway, so that does make a difference. And it feels really good to go from calling sturgeon every name in the book to being able to land them with no problem. (Stingrays, I still plan on sending you used kitty litter for Christmas.)


I've put in a total of about 600 hours on the Switch console across 3 farms, 70 of them so far on version 1.5, and 250 of them after version 1.4.

I will admit there is a STEEP learning curve, and I quit fishing my first time because it was rough. Eventually I practiced and got better at tapping the button appropriately and mitigating the bottom bounce.

If I may pose a suggestion (for CA), maybe it would be better if Willy just gives the training rod first (Or you get it with your starting equipment), and then Willy gives you the Bamboo pole when you hit Level 2. As is new players won't really know the Training Rod exists until after they've already tried to fish (and likely become frustrated).


It took me awhile to get decent at it. I almost gave up. I am now at level 10, and can catch most fish with no attachments. I was terrible at it at first though, lol.